Ideas for bad producer

I’m New and haven’t finish something in my 1 year subscription because I only spent 10h on Auxy so if you can give ideas to continue those projects
I only did the intro and aminimalist drop so it’s messy


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A tip I learned myself is to not overpower everything with reverb. Sure it makes things sound better sometimes but usage in moderation helps a lot and makes the sound less messy.

I’ve also learned to do mixing and volume adjustments to different sounds so I also don’t have one thing overpowering all the others. I usually see it (for me) with drums, synth chords, or bass (sometimes).


A good thing to know that I had to learn the hard way is to use lowpass in place of volume in crescendos. It sounds so much better. Something else I learned during the time I’ve spent on Auxy is to never rush a project. If it doesn’t sound exactly right to you, don’t ignore yourself and post it on whatever platform your’e on anyway. Always bring your songs to their full potential.