Idea: “Linked” Tracks

As I was working on a new track I came up with the idea for a “linked track” option.

The concept of “linking” in this instance is that when two instruments are linked, any changes or additions made to one track happen on the other. For instance, if you add a note sequence to one of the linked tracks, that exact same note sequence will be automatically copied to the other linked track.

I’d imagine that this would be a very helpful feature for those who like to combine sounds to get new ones, although there should also be a feature to “unlink” a particular note sequence in the tracks so that a subtle sense of variety can still easily be achieved.

What do you guys think of this idea? Would it be useful, or is there a feature like this already in Auxy that I don’t know about =P


Perfect for layering


This would definitely speed up the process of layering as currently you have to just copy/paste the loops.

In my opinion and in the “good project” scope better solution is to link instruments together to single track. However neither of solution is “clean enough” to make sense from the “productivity” point of view (put automation bound to each instrument or to all instruments for example? Former - not clean, latter - no possibility to let’s say independent volume change).

But I must say, that linking tracks has no disadvantages but “wow, I see twice what has to be seen once”.

Hold the note sequence pattern and or automation pattern

I think this would be great. Before I used Auxy, I used an app called Meldly, and it had a feature like this. I think Auxy is the best out there, honestly.

This would be perfect, but only if it operated with just a link/unlink fashion and then you choose the tracks. The link/unlink would have to be accessible front the main page and within both of the editors. So if you had two tracks, you could link them, program a melody for both at once, then change the filter for both, but now I want to have different volumes, so i say “unlink” and adjust the volume, but now i want both to have the same reverb automation, so I Link them again and adjust the reverb. So you’d have to to be able to link and unlink whenever you want like that.