Icarus - by Polar [Future Bass]

Once again, my next best song is now dropped on the cloud of sounds. Would really appreciate it if you checked it out! Would also love it if you left a like (if you did like it) and/or a comment with feedback! Thanks!

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I’m not wearing headphones.

Okay, starting out, chords are a bit too high and strong.
beat is nice. snare could use a little work
the buildup is very strong I like it.
the drop is a little disappointing. not enough Bass.
part after drop is good but is pretty much the same as the buildup.
the second drop is exactly the same as the first one.

This clearly is a good song with a lot of effort put into it. I like it but I’m just going to say it’s a bit repetitive and does not have enough clear bass. Also could use a bit of automation.


Thanks, man. I’ll look into the feedback. But, what do you mean the chords aren’t “strong”? Also, the bass would probably pop without headphones, because I’m not a very bassy person. Also, the second drop isn’t the exact same as the first. They have the same melody and everything, but they are set up completely differently. Again, thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it.

I agree that it is repetitive and that is something I try to work on, it’s my biggest issue imo. I don’t really agree with there’s not being enough bass, though, because if there were more bass, then it would take from the melody and chords. I think the bass was perfectly fine. Also, what do you mean it could use a bit of automation? I’ve got plenty of automation.

The chords don’t seem as progressive and strong as they should be.

Everything is quite sudden

Can you point out where you think automation should be better used in transitions? Thanks

May I suggest lowering the volume on the high pitched tones. They strike hard in that upper register. Also the song needs to be more coherent with obvious queues in terms of transitions between verse and chorus EX: A B A B. If you are going to do a drop to the chorus, maybe add more bass into that scene or something else that can lure in the listener. A bit repetitive the melody. Try changing up the notes a bit. Give variation to the chorus. Your song is really good but can be better with some tweaks.

Also bring out the chords more. They sound like background noise at times.


The start of the buildup is one prominent example

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll look into it

Alright I’ll check it out