Iammane - LMNs [Alternative, IDM]

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This was (and is) still slated for release as part of an aid for Australia compilation (remember the bushfires?). I’ve been sitting on this for about four months now, and I’d really like to just button it up and get it going. With all the COVID19 stuff going on, I really don’t know when the compilation will be released.

This is 100% Auxy minus the vocals which I lifted out of Blocs Wave. I stopped and started + redid this track a few times over the last year or so, it just never worked out. This time I was pretty happy with it.


Project file above, feel free to tear it apart and whatever. NOT to say you can claim this is your own, but if someone wanted to remix or learn from it then have at it :slight_smile:


IDM ON AUXY?? Whaaaaaa!