I wonder what you guys can do with the automation....?

The new update for Auxy is super cool, and really fun to play around with.
I’ve already found some cool uses for it, but I wanna see what you guys can come up with!

It’s made wubs easier (not sure if it was possible before). Now future bass is very easy! Here’s what I’ve been working on: https://app.auxy.co/projects/q9NbWiLjRseQBi-kJX1CGA==

And my latest song on soundcloud uses a decent amount of it as well:


Woah, good idea! This sounds really cool. I might start using this technique in some of my songs.

I’ve been doing a lot of one bar automation loops mixed with some parameters changing over the scene. Seems to be a good sweet spot of “rate of change”

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Just started cracking into it but looking forward to it. A big part of what I do in Reason is just tweaking the sh!t out of everything and automating insane, so looking forward to applying those same principles here :grin:

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I’ve been playing around with this idea some, and a cool use I found for it is using it on AP-004 lake ( along with short pitch transitions ) I made it able to sound like someone whistling!

That’s cool! Can you send me the project? I wanna check it out. A whistle would be useful!

Alright, here’s the project:

Did a quick remix of your ‘History of Fire’ track. :musical_note:



Whoa! Cool effects!

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One of my tracks uses the panning automation

This. I did this.


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I’ve heard a bit of this song before, but was a bit thrown off bye the screechy background loop. But after listening to this song in it’s entirety, I was glad I did. Great stuff, keep up the good work!

First of all, thanks for the comment. What do you mean by “screechy”? Did you mean something was too loud or high-pitched? Or did you mean that there was too much going on in the background?

With the new update out, I’ve been lately messing with some of the lead automations in my previous songs (I don’t have many, I got Auxy 2 days before the update came out :p). I’ve always wanted some sort of vibrato in Auxy, so I’ve been experimenting with the pitch automation and rate. It is quite strenuous drawing in each of those triangles but it makes a cool sound when you’re finished (I just wish you could go between quarter-tones, instead of semitones to sound less “robotic”). I’ve also been using the pitch automation for buildups and I’m very satisfied with the results. :+1:


I don’t know exactly how to explain it, but It was really high pitched, making it a little bit louder that I think it was supposed to, but I quickly got over it on my 2nd listen. Sorry if this doesn’t explain everything…

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Ah, okay. Thanks for the feedback!

That. He totally did that.

(and it’s good)

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