I want to re-make my logo

I don’t want to completely redesign my logo, I just want it to show what i want it to.

Here’s where i think it stumbles:

Thin lines: the logo is two thin lines, which means I cant use the “F” on its own, i have you use the background with the “F” cut out.

Shapes: I kind of wanted the logo to be more of two shapes that make up an “F” sort of shape.

Colour: The logo only really works in black and white, and I’d like to be able to switch up the colours.

So, thats where i think it stumbles… I invite you all to criticize, remake and envision my current and possibly new logo

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Here are 2 potential remakes, Thoughts?


I like the first one, but what I think they both suffer from is not being built on… I guess my terminology for it would be a “line of action”. Either could be improved with a consistent geometric shape throughout — which would harmonize the seperate pieces to eachother.

Maybe an outline if you want to experiment with colour. :slight_smile:


i like your current one, its style is good


Your current one is definitely better than both of those

They just aren’t as interesting.


Yeah. They’re also not as



right now your current one looks like an inversion of the musical natural sign like in sheet music which is really cool


something im working on? opinions?


I like this one. ^

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yeah, me too. It’s like…flowing

@NickElle? Is blue overused?

or this (im going with this)


Blue is overused. Go for something funky!

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Your logo is already interesting just the way it is. Please don’t change it.

This looks like some kind of old computer app lol

Not a big fan of this, too much. Black and white works and is more iconic

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I would rather try to make a revision of your current logo. Try thicker strokes, different strokes, or try to recreate the lines in a different way.The two potential remakes you posted are not geometric, symmetric or clean. They honestly look like they have been slapped together in Adobe Illustrator in 2 minutes :smiley:

The flowing one is a lot better, but it has to be more clean and more polished. But I have also seen that design around a few times. And the color choice should probably be flat for the main logo, and the background a solid color, a gradient or something similar.

If you need any help with any designs, HMU (I work as a Digital Media Designer and have experience in Logo Design, Illustration and Animation :D)

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Dood this looks cool

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I get what you mean, but doing thicker strokes ruins it, as it’s supposed to be the outline of an f, not actually an f, if you wanna try, feel free to, I’m not great at thes le things.