I want to modulate more things!

In my time of making music with Auxy I’ve always been a huge fan of modulating. The Original Sounds pack has instruments with the Shape and Tone sliders, although they had become obsolete by giving the user new options in terms of shaping sound, I now miss being able to change for example the release time of my instruments with modulation. If anything I just want MORE programmable sliders. For me modulation is everything! Modulating distortion is the coolest thing, but I’ve also always wanted to modulate its subcomponents, same goes for things like reverb and delay - hell - with delay I’d love to be able to change the time signature of the delay, or with reverb I’d love to be able to modulate the lowpass, there’s just so many little things I’d love to be able to do and modulate and change on the go.

Another thing I’d love to see is a BPM slider - Tempo play is a big deal in music for me, and when used right it can give some of the coolest effects! I just kinda miss changing my instrument sounds over time with things other than just distortion or chorus (where shape and tone used to be)


I’d love being able to automate bitcrusher downsampling/‘rate’ and reverb size, as well as distortion low- and highpass and—quite frankly—just everything.

You can still do release


I was manually ‘automating’ the rate on the Sineshaper distortion yday.
Getting some nice outcomes.

Definitely would be good to open that up to automation too. :+1:

Rate, depth, dry/wet mix. All could be open to automation.
Could be a standard approach that could be used for other fx, such as chorus, tremolo, vibrato, …