I want to grow as a producer

I really want to grow and develop as a producer but also in other things that I do music wise (I also write lyrics and play instruments and sing) I was wondering if anyone had any good inspiring tips, sometimes I feel like I want to give up, but then I remember how much I love doing this and I can’t stop.

Thanks for your time^^


Practice makes perfect. Listening to tutorials and to similar music and other stuff that you want to make helps.


Idk maybe that wasn’t the most helpful I’m sure that’s said a lot sorry.

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No way! It’s really good advice, I’m not always a very patient person so I think taking time to practice would the be the key for me to be better. Thank you^^

Also I saw a video once that said that the more you work at something the better you get at it so the more fun it is, and then you work at it more cause it’s fun and the cycle keeps repeating. It’s worked for me throughout all my music and instruments and stuff, it might help for you too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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do you have an SC account, @Katki?

Yeah I just got about 2 weeks ago!
I kinda just uploaded at first to be uploading but I’m definitely going to focus more on time quality and effort^^

Also, do you have a computer?

Nope😭 I have a pc but not an actual computer, why?


I have a surface

A pc is computer.


What’s the processing power on your surface.

I don’t know, I’ll have to look it up somehow

yo btw, i’d recommend changing your end url to your name or something (the user-#####) in your SC settings. Make it easier for people to @ you and recognize your name/tracks as well as linking others to your page. Better to do it sooner than later so tracks you have posted wont get broken links


True that.

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