I played live in a local venue!

Hey guys and gals! Tomorrow I’m playing a a few of my best tracks for East Social House, a small coffee shop a few blocks away in Hutto, Texas. It’s not much, but I feel like it’s definitely the next big step I can take in the music learning experience.
So I’ve exported all the tracks to GarageBand projects and sampled the lead instruments for each one, so I can play along on the GB piano roll, for a more live performance. I tried using a MIDI keyboard but it’s not compatible with my iPad (all of a sudden).

I would greatly appreciate any thought/comments/constructive criticism! Tell me what you think, or what you would do differently!

Edit: omg can’t believe I didn’t notice the ridiculous autocorrect mistake in the title!!


Sounds like a good plan. What kind of keyboard are you using, and what kind of connection to the iPad? Assuming it’s the camera connection kit, sometimes it doesn’t provide enough power though and you’d need the newer CCK which also lets you charge (ie, provide power).

My only advice with using GB in this way (a live setting) be sure to run through your set a couple times. I’ve had strange experiences with GB and the “Optimizing performance” message… sometimes I’ve had pretty heavy projects where this didn’t happen at all, and sometimes I’ve had projects with only like four instruments and it happens. The last thing you need is that message to come up while you’re in the middle of something because audio will halt and it’s going to (I think) run an automatic track freeze on whatever the offending piece of the project is. The worst part is that I don’t really know how to tell when it’s going to happen, it just does.

If you’re mostly just using wave files you restructured from Auxy tracks or whatever, I think it should be ok, but I’d still run through your planned set to be sure.

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Thanks for the tips! I am using a camera connection kit along with a 4 way USB splitter that usually tricks the iPad into letting the MIDI device cooperate. Thanks for reminding me about that annoying “optimizing tracks” message. Hopefully I won’t run into it; fortunately most of my instruments are wave files.

Is the splitter powered? You might wanna just go right from the keyboard to the iPad and bypass the splitter. I strongly suspect if the splitter isn’t powered then the iPad isn’t delivering enough juice.

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Good luck!


I’d love to see a video

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Also how would you play stuff live with GarageBand? I want to play my music live like Porter Robinson, madeon, and illenium I’d appreciate it if you can show me

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So I exported the wave files of each and every song and dropped them to GarageBand (use the loop-de-loop icon top right).
Before this, in Auxy, I made sure to remove something I could play from the songs (either the lead instrument or some chords).
Then I found one of GarageBand’s synth instruments that fit the lead melody or chords and I just played the built-in GB piano roll to the song.
For some of the songs, I used GB’s sampling function. I took the lead instrument sound from Auxy and imported it to the GB sampler, and played that on its own piano roll.
When the lead instrument was too hard to play on GB, I used the FX settings and played with the frequency filters, reverb, distortion, repeaters, etc. for a while; people thought it sounded decent.

But yeah, that’s basically it! I’ll post some pictures of the physical hardware setup soon. Hope this all helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pictures will be nice

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Howd you get the venue? (Contact, email, booking?)

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bro this is pog af

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I opened for a close friend; he does a gig there every so often.

Yeah so how’d it go though? Any snags? Did the setup work out ok?

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It went great! I played for about 15-20 minutes, and talked a bit about my music, what it means to me, where to find it, etc. I also made plenty of mistakes playing on the smallish keyboard, but I don’t think a did all that bad considering it was my first time. People barely seemed to notice the mistakes.

Edit: oh, and I wore my auxy shirt :facepunch:t3:

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Awesome man, kudos :slight_smile: I haven’t played live anywhere since high school, which was quite some time ago. It’s a good buzz.

That’s the best part about playing originals live too, as long as you don’t have a meltdown that you made a mistake and you keep going, no one else knows.


everyone gangsta till the guy with the iPad shows up