I need Snare Rolls

I need them because of a DBZ type beat I’m making that might come out soon. Does anyone have any types of it? If so, thx & have a great day!

Never mind. I got some from looperman. Imma let the mods lock this up.

I’ve managed to incorporate some rolling snares in tracks by lowpassing so the initial hit isn’t to “thwack”y and throwing some reverb on the snare. It’s also good if you assign that same snare to several different spots so it feels more fluid.


You can actually lock topics now?

Yeah I think he became leader ?

Try making some… stop using samples for everything


I’ll see… but not rn because I need to get some sleep. I’ll try to make one tomorrow & place it in the custom sounds topic because ofc, it’s a snare roll pack.

Yeah he did.

his existence is based on samples i think