I need help with this song I'm making

https://app.auxy.co/projects/Bps5Tg88ztM3q2K9WhaCHQ== I need possible names and feedback about it.

I’d love to help, but I haven’t purchased any AP’s yet, probably in the near future

Here you go!


I made some changes you could use and made small notes on the bars.
And I’m not sure for names. I normally make the final song first then come up with a name that describes it.
You made a great base structure to work with
Hope I could help

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I messed with a few things but you don’t have to keep them

I’d call it Steve.

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Steve; it shall be named, Steve

Yo @LimeZ I messed with it a bit and decided that chimes was an appropriate name.


Took your structure for granted

I agree. I think that Chimes is an awesome name for it.

Here’s what I’ve done so far… https://app.auxy.co/projects/qF2RyA9zdfUtFlIx8FyU8A==

It’s pretty good!

Thx! :grinning: