I need help getting more views on my music

Hey guys, what’s the best ways to try to get more views, likes, and comments on my music without breaking any rules?


@Arimyth Put together this awesome guide Building an Audience as an Artist (GUIDE)

It’s not meant to be like, bible, but there’s a lot of very good advice in here. A key takeaway is engagement- which means an artist should also engage others in the community(ies) they are involved in.


Joining labels that release your music for free is a good way to get started

Do you have any recommendations on labels?

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Discord wise, repost by Auxy Collective, night owl, ViperQuidex (:wink:), efflux, and melo

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Are they all on Auxy disco or on somewhere else?

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There’s a thread here with a bunch of the discord pages/SC accounts I think.



I think we’re sorted here, continuing discussion on the building an audience thread I think is a-ok :slight_smile:

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