I need help about production improvement

Hey community. Recently i have been listening to many of the people i knew like 1 year ago. All of you improved the music quality of your songs. They all sound just perfect… 2 Years ago i started with a passion to music producing… And when i look at myself after 2 years…There havent really been a lot improvement even though i always created music. Im thinking i am not talented enough to make music. And dont tell me i can do it without a talent. Its hard… I wish i could make music like you guys but sadly i cant and i dont even have any new ideas to create music. To












And many many more people…

I have started to use auxy 2 years ago. I listened to your projects 2 years ago. They all were amazing. But now i came back and listened to your new ones…They are perfected… So i thought you guys could give me some tips to get out of this deep pit that i am stuck in. How did you guys improve that much? But i couldnt.


First things first… you need to realize that your music has improved. Go listen to all your tracks within the past year, and let me know what you hear. There are fantastic gems such as Dreams, Time Is a Running Out, and Fears; All great, solid tracks. We all hit writers block, we all see other artists that we strive to be like, but most importantly we need to focus on our music, creating our own style. Don’t worry about likes or follows, those will come along! And remember, Auxy probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! So no need to rush too much, you can only go up from here.
Here are 3 things that have helped me improve:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Be consistent
  3. Have fun

You are doing fantastic, keep it up.


Thanks brother… You really sparked a light in me. The thing is if you started producing music 2 years ago like me(Thats the time when i saw your firt auxy songs). In 2 years your music has improved so much more than mine. Maybe you were more hardworking and consistent at making music. Idk. But really thank you again you made me feel like the time i started producing. I am going to keep making music at full speed.


Thank you so much for your kind words :pray:
You are going to get better, don’t worry lol

Can’t wait to hear your next track :+1:
Give it your all!


Look, I just learned from the greatest inside and outside of Auxy. From listening to those songs I picked up some patterns; NOTHING IS COMPLETELY ORIGINAL.

I only made my account earlier this year, but started off by either stealing projects in the app or using other apps, I wasn’t that original.

I do have some tips, but I’m not sure if they’re that helpful.

  1. Custom samples and ducker are your friend, try to use them in a way to exaggerate the sound from the genre.

  2. No two chord progressions are… original. Try stealing one, maybe change things up a little bit. For example, the chord progression in Pew Pew Lasers is a version of the chord progression from Spectrum.

  3. Just listen to a bunch of other songs. You’ll get into a mood to create a song just like the ones you heard.

  4. If you’re stuck for melodies, just put a bunch of random notes on the sequencer (if it isn’t in chromatic) then drag the notes about to get a great melody and pattern. You can then change the mode to chromatic if your chord progression needs it.

  5. Use sounds so they’re not recognisable as their stock form. We all recognise fuze, fragment and tonsil in their stock forms, so mess around with them to get the same aesthetic, but not sound.

  6. Find a signature style that the audience enjoys. Yes, mine gets old after a while, but it gets more likes than my other styles, which means they came for that style. If you can find yours, then improve on it.

  7. Also I’m pretty sure you don’t need improvement but whatever.

  8. I’m running out of ideas fast

Just be yourself is the short of it. Be yourself, but keep improving, even if that means to steal from others. But, y’know, not completely.


Btw I’m exited for your songs in future, so there’s that.
Idk what else to say.


Thank you so much fokkses :smiley:. Thanks for all the advices. You are right about improving on other songs ideas. My songs that turn out to be good were always inspired from other songs! Art works like that. But the thing is you have your own sound which is original and what makes you stand out. But i am striving find my own sound and failing. I dont thik my songs have an original sound that makes me stand out. And i have no idea how can i foind my own sound…

Thank you again for all of the advices that you gave to me… It means a lot. You guys really maked me want to make songs again!


Look, just keep making songs until you find a genre you like to make. That’s all you need to do.
Plus, my sound isn’t even mine! It sounds just like Madeon or Virtual Riot…


Ok :slight_smile:
I will make that
And your sound is still amazing even though if its inspired from other artists!


First of all, cool new logo! Secondly, I’ve got some tips for improving:

Listen to the kind of music you want to create. Find out what makes your genre(s) work. Take tidbits or ideas from songs in your genre, like an arp or chord progression. Do remixes of those songs.

Strive to either try something new or build upon something you’ve already done with every new song you make. For example, when I made my first heavy track, I had a cool drop, but no fills. So, on the next couple of heavy tracks, I put a lot of focus on adding fills in the drop.

It’s normal to feel like you’re not talented. I feel like that all the time. That will motivate you to improve yourself no matter what you’re doing.

As for getting past a creative block, I’ve got three ideas for ya:
Remix one of your old songs
Remix someone else’s song
Wait it out and do something else

You’ve got this dude.

That is all.


You?! Not talented?!



Thank you! I am probably going to change it again tho lol.

I am really liking vaporwave these days and i would like to create a song in that genre. It seems hard but it seems even if the first one misses some stuff ill start to improve on it as long as i keep doing songs.

Thank you for all your advices. I will remix another song as soon as possible
If i improve even a bit its because of you guys words. Litterally thank you all so much. You guys made me get off this “i will never be able to make good music” feel to “I can make good music if i keep on trying” feel. Thank you @INDIR3CT @Fokkses and @NotMiles for taking yout time to help me!

And btw just like Mr.moo said you are a very talented person! All of you are. I always be amazed by all of you guys music. You people create total wonders!


As for feedback, I don’t have much to offer which someone else hasn’t said. Take inspiration, listen to what others make that you want to make. My recent EDM songs have all been inspired by fokkses.

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You are amazing <3 thank you!


Thank you anyways dude!


Think of Auxy as the notes app. Some will write simple words, maybe lists, others will write great stories. The thing that separates them is emotion. A grocery list isn’t very passionate. Tapping in musical notes with no intent isn’t passionate either. Trying to place those musical notes into a form that describes how you’re feeling after a long hard day of school or how you felt when you saw your crush that day… now that will make great music. Music is a universal language. When we speak we don’t just throw words together, we pieces together phrases with an intent to communicate something. Do the same with your music. You’ll be good! Be optimistic, i’m not very sure even the best musicians are ever certain in their abilities 100%. That what keeps them on their toes and motivates them to always keep getting better no matter how good they already are. When you’ve lost the desire to try and be good… that’s bad. Also, ask yourself what you think good is. Don’t try to be like others too much even if you like their music. The world wants to hear you and it could be inspired by anything, but your music should be able to describe your life, hopes, and dreams in sound.


Hey mate, sometimes you have to take breaks. Think about what direction you’ll go in. Plan things out if you can… and stick to that plan. I guarantee you that it’ll work, but you can’t just snap your fingers and output something good. Hard work goes a long way.

Make multiple projects. It doesn’t matter if you finish them all in one go. If you have a really old idea, recycle it and make it new. I do that all the time. So… You have the tools and the help to improve. You’ll get better, just keep practicing.

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You are %100 right about the stuff you said. But the thing is i dont know how to express my melodies to notes, to music. It is maybe because i dont know any music theory. Any tips on that?


That is a great idea. Since i am now ending that break. I should plan things up and stick to them. And,Yes going back to old projects and re-using them works pretty good. I do that all the time too!:+1:t2:

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