I need help about my cover art because amuse


Ok guys so i am going to drop an album i put all of the songs to the amuse and the cover art.At first On my cover art at the bottom it said THE ALBUM.But after a while they sent me an email that said that i shouldnt use more text than than the title and artist name.And i sent it again without THE ALBUM text here it is

BTW UNDER THE DEEP THOUGHTS TEXT i have my logo in crimson red(The braille alphabet one)But its not in this photo cause the other one is in my comp…
And they sent me an email AGAIN saying it shouldnt have more text than the title and the artist name.Well there isnt any text more than Deep thoughts and my braille logo. By the way it says the spelling should be correct.I think it is correct.I really need help what do you guys think the problem is?!


I think either

  1. they were confused by the upside down “thoughts” and you should flip it right side up
  2. You might want to put your artist name in text on the cover, not just your logo


Damn but it looked good upside down.Ill put my name on The cover too.But i saw many many artists that has album covers with only logos


Yeah it looked :ok_hand: upside down
And yeah I know lots of people only put logos but I had a problem with my only title and logo art so that might be your problem too


Did you delete The logo or just added your name on The art?


Tbh, if they’re setting stylistic conditions like that about your artwork, I’d keep the artwork and swap Amuse.
It’s one thing to say that you ‘need’ the title and name, but when they’re replying with template statements rather than meaningful, helpful info, it’s not a promising sign.

It may seem a small thing, but it’s your brand. Don’t sacrifice it on Day 1.


I agree.

CD Baby is great if you’re not happy with Amuse.
They have a TON of great, helpful tips and articles for the indie musician.
I used them to release my my LP.


It takes your share tho doesnt it?


Yeah you are right i will not sacrifice it from day 1 but its really annoying because they tell me that there is a problem after 2 days have passed since i fixed The cover art and i cant quite understand wtf they want from me.Maybe ill call support line


You don’t have to put on your artist name. I certainly don’t.


Than why does it refuse?! Any idea?


Send an email to support@amuse.io, with the relevant UPCs, and ask.


Ok thanks ill send an email


You could e-mail them that the text is supposed to be upside down and they should let it work.


I did


I uploaded like 30-something tracks on 2 separate releases, had to take them down to edit/fix transcoding issues, then when I tried to re-upload they (Amuse) rejected the artwork they’d literally already approved. Tried to ask/explain and got spammed by an automated customer service thing with a mess of chat-boxes like “great…”

On a separate release the art was hand-drawn & shaded in pencil by a very talented artist in my city, scanned it & re-sized to their rules but still rejected because they said it didn’t meet their “newer, stricter guidelines” for art… If I’d never taken anything down for changes it would all still be there, making a lot of time spent for nothing on their platform. Talking to them is pointless because they’re very ok with letting an automated flag tool dictate everything like a robot that doesn’t care.