I might not be allowed on Auxy

I’ve been getting behind on my homework basically this entire school year. It’s my first year of high school and I’m talking several Honors classes. It’s been really stressful to get everything done especially since I’ve been a straight A student in the past. My dad wants me to do well in school and he thinks my phone is the problem. We even set up an app to track screen time, ( I only use my phone for about 2 hours a day while he spends 4+).

Anyway, it’s been really stressful especially since my parents are divorced and my sister and mom are making some potentially disastrous decisions. I might be forced to delete Auxy and Spotify if I don’t get all my work done or at least planed by Friday. I really hope I can because music helps me cope with stress.

Wish me luck,



If you need to, you can always buy CD’s from best buy. Oh right they don’t sell those anymore xD I’d recommend doing them and focusing time when you aren’t doing anything at school on doing work. That’s what I did in high school. I did homework in class and took notes at the same time. It’s a bit difficult but it worked for me.

Best of luck, make sure you back up your auxy projects if it comes to it just in case iCloud does a goof


Thank you


I hope everything goes well for you! Homework is all to easy to put off especially when you’re dealing with family problems.

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I hate procrastination. In fact, I’m procrastinating right now.


wow this is story of my life



I’m glad I can relate to you guys but never on a scale as high as this


What do you mean?

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I can relate to the gentlemen/women/they/them/it on this thread but to not as high of a magnitude


Skip the spotify and go all in with your screen time with Auxy all the way. Limitations create the most creatively inspiring choices sometimes! I know that back when I would work at a formal job I would have to pretend like I had an iPod in my brain. I would imagine play/pausing, skipping songs just as a little joke and try to remember the lyrics and sing along to what I remembered of it. You’ll be okay!


I finished everything I was supposed to so I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to keep Auxy. :metal::sweat_smile:


Yes!! Awesome job!

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