I made an alarm using automation

I think it sounds like an alarm: https://app.auxy.co/projects/RwK85NpqVBUsaSvrPc00Tg==

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That’s pretty cool! I’d rather it’s called a siren of sorts

Do you mind if I play around with it? Maybe make a track?

Nvm, I tried and I was not satisfied sorry :confused:


I made an air raid style siren lol

Here’s my project with a bunch of different cool sounds made with automation like police sirens, radio whistle, race cars, and more. Check it out!


That’s cool

This can be used to make some cool dubstep sounds, glad you found this out!

That’s pretty cool, guys. I tried to make it sound like crickets chirping at the beginning of this one.


I added hour to it


I added some more
And @Phoenix I didn’t get rid of Hour it’s just that I already added more sounds on a different project link