I’m back, bois! The truth [WIP track included]

[The first post was deleted because I didn’t put a track or WIP so this is an updated ver and some changes were made]

Whassup my guys! How you been doin? I came back after my 2 week
suspension from project theft, let’s please forget about that and work on the future please? I’ve been waiting & waiting so long to finally see you guys again.

Also some crazy $*** has been happening to me since I’ve been gone!

Here’s why: I got new packs and worked on my career bigger than ever! Also I’m not gonna use discord for long because of my mom and dad not allowing me to, because they think you guys here (who have & haven’t talked to me there) are actual strangers. Who in beef jerky told me so?!

Anyways, I’ve also been making some sponsorship beats for servers that I could find. And so far, it’s going great. Might upload one after this. It happens every Thursday, and soon, this website will have one. :wink:

Okay we’re done with the crazy $*** that’s been happening to me, now…

the truth. What you’ve all been waiting for. (If you already knew what happened, then nothing happens.) so… why have I been suspended for 2 weeks? Explanation will be from my TC64 remix track “unknown”. So the reason why I got suspended was: I did project theft. I credited him but mane wouldn’t care at all if I did. And then I decided discord, so I can go to the Auxy Collective to talk about it. (Which was before what happened to me not using discord) after that, I think I should make things right by… waiting like a damn French frie that never expires.

So that’s all I have for now! Also forgot to say, anyone like my new name? Because if you do, idk what happens maybe I might dm you with a surprise? Prepare for more coming soon to me! Also new WIP I’m making with @XLXK. Here it is. https://soundcloud.com/rude_boi13/a-new-release-ft-xlxk/s-dghMzJphhNZ

Now without further ado, all I have to say is Peace & May Allah Bless you all!!!

I actually prefer this name :smile:

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Thank you tolber boi