I cant select my music on Amuse

Guys.I want to upload my song to amuse i have the cover art ready it accepts it but when it comes to choosing the music file in my phone it shows up there but it the file looks like ghost and it cant be selected.I rendered the music on auxy and put it on an icloud file named music but like i said i cant select it.If anyone knows the reason of it and how to fix it Please help.Thanks :slight_smile:

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It must be a .wav file and I always store it in drive cuz that usually works better for me.


I rendered it as uncompressed wav. and it accepted. Whats The difference? Sound quality is worse?

It only takes .wavs. And uncompressed .wav is the only option in Auxy.

I still can’t find the difference between them.

Ok if there is no difference in quality its cool. :smiley:

Yes. The render as audio feature in auxy compresses the audio into a m4a format. Compression lowers the quality (for lack of a better word) so that the file is smaller and can be sent easier. When amuse says that the required sample rate is 44.1 the uncompressed WAV format is the only way (in auxy) to ensure higher quality streaming. It also says that it requires WAV I believe


Compression limits the number of samples taken every second in order to save space. Uncompressed uses a larger number of samples, but compression uses approximations to save space. It’s sort of like a Riemann Sum from Calculus.

This allows space to be saved at the cost of losing some of the waveform of the sound, which is a curve. Uncompressed is the closest approximation to the true wave sound.

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Ok thanks For The information!

Hmm i see thanks!

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