I can name your tracks!


Do you have any other ideas?


Maybe “end of time” or “end of days” would work too


In the track, the very first scene where the drums start, they aren’t supposed to be there, just letting you know…I was trying something out, but I didn’t like it…lol


Name this:
It reminds me of the ocean, like coral reefs and sea turtles.


Hi! Great thread. I was about to start something similar but luckily checked and found this. So I shall revive!

The funny thing is I assume we are all creative types, but naming my productions has always been a hit and miss. Ironic to say the least.

So…I would like to engage the wonderful community here at Auxy to suggest a name for this track. If this gets lots of attention we could always run a vote. But anyway, have a listen and, well do as the name of the thread says! Name that track!




@TribalSoul I listened to it!

I’m getting a lot of undercover vibes, so a couple of names that come to mind are “Spy” and “Heist.” The fast percussive sounds seem like a machine gun at times, so you could go with “AK47” or something similar. I also picked up on the melodic content, which, being filtered a lot with lowpass, gave me a muted underwater feeling. The percussive stuff makes it so that it would be weird to give it a name like “Ocean,” so I think something like “Submarine” would be more appropriate if you were going to go with that theme.



Firstly, thanks for the suggestions. It always amazes me how differently people can interpret a song. I had never really thought of the percussive as gunshots, but I totally hear it (cannot unhear it now LOL).
That said I do like the direction. There was an ocean sound I was going for, so glad that’s pulled through.

A long those lines I’m thinking military, a battle on a beach, or something.

I love the creativity you’ve added.
MUCH appreciated.




A little feedback for ya. This is the theme I’ve decided on. Your input was valuable :pray:t2:


I have a track which I’m not 100% sure on the title.


EDIT: I have made some changes from the project above. The updated version is this one: https://app.auxy.co/projects/A76WraHJKxqsRCjH8DpU-w==


You know those scenes in documentaries where it shows a bug city and time flies SUPER FAST. Kinda makes me see that. I’d go with Metropolitan myself


I have this orchastra type song and I don’t know what to call it


March of Glucose


Pla name al my trak not elcuding the defolt groove