I can name your tracks!


I see a lot of tracks out there with pretty generic, lackluster names. Not to say these names are bad, it’s just that they’re used constantly by other producers, causing your track to be lost in the mix. No track deserves to go unrecognized! If you’re looking for an original name for your track, post it here!




I already… named this one.


Lol I thought we both named it in collaborative effort. :wink:
Four Dudes Did a Jig in England (DHO)
Four Lads Breakdanced in London (BTG)


I didn’t say I did it with no assistance…


Four Dudes Did a Jig in England
Watching them move left me stingin’


I also offer this service as part of my ‘deluxe package’.




I like how you clarified that the emoji meant that you were laughing


Haha it was the character limit


Does nobody want a track named?


ill get one here soon




Wait what???




A couple of different possible names came to me:

Supernova Shuffle
Bit Bounce


I have a project, whose generic name came up as “Naughty Cougar”…yeah…
So, I need a proper name for it! Mind giving it a listen?



I’ve had that project name before, thought it was pretty funny lol


Yeah, same here, lol!
But, I’m looking for something a little more professional…
That’s where @BobTheGUYYYYY comes in! He offered, and I need a REAL professional name for this track! I’ve tried listening to it for a feeling of some sort, but I can’t picture anything! Nothing at all!!
Please help me, BobTheGUYYYYY!!!


I’m thinking something along the lines of “Ultimate Realization” or “Scaling the Volcano” or something super epic like that.