I am once again asking for a collaboration. - CLOME [Collab?]

Hey guys! I hope this post finds you doing well.
I’ve hit a producer’s block recently, and I was wondering if a collaboration may help me out! It can be any genre or vibe, although I’d like to say that I specialize in trap or that spectrum of electronic music. If you would like to listen to some of my tracks, you can find them at
I also have some WIPs that could work as a stepping stone, but I have no preferences. Have a great day!

Here are some demos:


Might be helpful to kick things off with a project?

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yeah, i probably should’ve thought of that first… thanks for reminding me :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’d be down

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Clearly revised one of your Stepping Stones.


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I’m gonna be honest here but i don’t think maxing out the distortion on everything was the move Aadam…

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Sweet! you wanna start with one of my demos or from scratch?

I’ll take a scratch one

I don’t know how much help I’d be but I volunteer

ok cool! we could dm on here, or you could find me on discord at CLOME#9152

I’m so glad I saw this before looking at the project

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I’d be interested in seeing what we could come up with together

yeah i’m not completely sure what he was thinking…

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it was a joke xD

However, you can decrease the crush and increase the rate to make it sound like a video game.


Video game edition, but still a little distorted.

These are for singularity:


Here’s another one, turned it the other direction


Drop edit

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Took a look at chatter box and made a quick edit



How’s this, I built on singularity


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wow all the tracks so far have been really cool! i love seeing all the different directions people take songs

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