HYDRANS x Aqzi - Hachiwara [Trap, Trapstep] (Double Upload) :soundcloud:

HYDRANS x Aqzi - Hachiwara
headphones recommended

This was a collab with @Aqzi

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Or here (My SoundCloud)
Aqzi’s Soundcloud


(album art made with canva.com)

Any feedback is appreciated! This is the fifth track in my upcoming LP. Make sure to listen to the other tracks as well!

I also uploaded another song today but I felt it was too small to make a whole new topic for so i’ll link here!

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Thanks for listening and make sure to support Aqzi!

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Pretty cool collab, but that intro :ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4::ok_hand:t4:

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Glad that you liked it!