HYDRANS - Fuzzy [Chillhop] :soundcloud:

hydrans - fuzzy
headphones recommended

New song! Likes and listens are aprreciated as well as feedback. It helps me a lot.


Thank you! <3

Wow. This is an experience. A good one. I feel serenity, and at peace. Very beautiful start. Drums come in a bit harsh, kinda killing the vibe. Still, you grow to it. Try not to make you drums hit as much on a chill song like this, and maybe more lowpassed. Very pretty otherwise.

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With the kick having no bass presence at all, the snare feel sharply bright in the mix.
The kick and snare add no warmth, but they also don’t add any real atmosphere.

Feels like it could benefit from some reverb on the kick and snare

Maybe a subtle, warm, dirty lo-fi kick might be worth trying.

Compositionally quite static. I think there’s space to add a little variety at some point.
Maybe try something with the chords?


Thanks for the feedback! Will try this next time. :slight_smile:

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Not saying you should, but if you agree with some of the feedback, why not consider making the changes to this track? Why leave this track when you have ideas about you can/could improve it?

Don’t you want each track to be as good as you can make it?

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I don’t like changing my tracks once I post them -

  1. I don’t want to lose stats on them and I don’t have sc pro (yet)
  2. I like to archive my previously posted tracks so I can see my progress
  3. I just don’t like changing my tracks, it just bugs me.

I am also at the point where popularity isn’t really an issue - I just want to get my songs out there, get feedback, and learn along the way

Also, what makes my tracks as good as I can make them is feedback, like yours! I make similar genres usually though so I will take this feedback into account on later tracks! :slight_smile:

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