HYDRANS - Experimental Megacollab [Looking for participants]


Hey everyone!

Some of you may know that I have been making lots of experimental/future music recently, both within Auxy and in other DAWs. Earlier today, I came up with an idea for a cross-platform collaboration with PC and Auxy. What I had in mind was something experimental (think Phuture Collective) that pushes the boundaries of the current Auxy music scene.

If you wish to join, please send me some of your best experimental work and I’ll choose up to 5 people to participate. This is open to anyone using Auxy, but I would prefer if you have a subscription.




dang i wish i could actually make experimental music

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Never too late to try! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Define experimental, and must be Auxy? A lot easier to get weird in other apps

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I want to try!

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DM me if you want to participate. I am probably only going to choose more experienced producers to be a part of the collab, so I need to hear some of your best work!

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Experimental music is usually very different from mainstream music for a particular genre. For example, this collab will most likely be experimental trap or future bass. Sure, it includes some elements of the genre (tempo, chords, etc.), but experimental elements (hence the name), such as unique/weird sound design, unusual rhythms, or anything else that pushes boundaries of modern music.

Listen to some music from https://soundcloud.com/phuturecollective if you’re not sure what I mean

The whole point of this collab is to push the boundaries of Auxy, so that’s why it has to be Auxy. I will probably do some work in FL Studio after the main project is done to polish it up afterwards, though.



So where should I do this? In Auxy or FL Studio?

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It can just be a SoundCloud link (public or private)

Feel free to send something in FL or Auxy, I just need an idea of what you can produce

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Ah pass, thanks for explaining though! Interested in hearing the outcome

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Can we nominate people for this?

I know they might not be up for it, but I think @Devoid-of-joy would be absolutely fantastic to have in this. They made an entire song out of just the boom bass pack and yeah. Talk about experimental in the best of ways.



only in my dreams

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Thanx for the shout out bud. “Ring Ding” was a pretty interesting song. Everything I do is experimental, probably a bit too far out of genre for this one.