HYDRANS - Collab or Remix?

Hi, everyone!
HYDRANS here, and i’ve been feeling a little dry with ideas lately.

If anyone is interested, please send me whatever unfinished songs that you want to work on, any songs you would like me to remix, or even just something you want feedback for. Either @mention me in this topic, PM me in disco, or DM me at HYDRANS#0999 on Discord.

It can be FL 20 or Auxy, and I probably won’t listen to anything without a premium sub


If you are unsure, check out my soundcloud here


Can u please remix my song?

This isn’t really a full track. If you want me to remix something please send me something you’ve posted. Do you have a premium sub?

Hold on…

Except that Graye made that. You told me that he said you could use it in your songs, and that’s fine but if you’re asking someone to remix it when it’s just that loop, then there isn’t really a point because you didn’t make it. It would be fine if you were asking him to remix a song which was complete and had other loops that you made, plus that one which Graye said you could use, but if it’s just the loop then it’s kinda not remixing one of your ideas/songs.


It’s a full song

Actually, no, it’s not.

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No premium sub? I feel personally attacked :c

lol jk. But hopefully I can change your mind about that, I’m working on a pretty ok song rn, but i dont know where to take it. Ill show you when I get the time.


Why no premium sub
My premium trail was ended
I have a good music and i want to show you

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@Genesis @AnirudhKhanna You guys can still send stuff

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Im still working on this song and i hope you like it!