HYDRANS - Arachnid [Future Bass] (Single) :soundcloud:

hydrans - arachnid
headphones recommended

Last single before my new album! Let me know how it turned out. Any listens are appreciated! :slightly_smiling_face:


(cover art made using canva.com)

Thank you!


Pumping out stuff like crazy man! Each track is getting progressively better :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I like the piano change once the lead comes in! Chords are spicy as usual. I suggest next time, when you go in for a break, instead of starting up with the piano again, wait for about two bars, then bring in the clap straight after that happens at 1:52.

Another thing to work on (which you don’t have to do if you think it’s not your style) is to try and make a completely different drop at the second interval in comparison to the first. That way, the audience won’t expect it. It can be a subtle effect, such as adding volume automation or another lead, or even different drums/drum pattern. But this can be optional.

Also, when I saw the name arachnid and the logo, I was expecting a different sort of vibe. I also suggest focusing on making your artwork display a certain meaning you want to display to the audience to make them expect a feeling you want them to expect in your track.

Overall, your music is starting to get better and better in each upload, I’m starting to see this as your signature style!

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Thank you so much! This feedback is so helpful, as always.

I have a new album planned, do you think I should stick with this style for it? Just wondering

Man… this is awesome!!!

Wow, thanks!

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Yeah, this style is definitely something you should keep up.

It isn’t bad to experiment with different styles or even different genres as well though!

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Thanks! Expect a new song soon!

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Any other feedback from anyone?

I really like what you did here, definitely a good job!

Thanks, man! I appreciate it!