Humankin - Passing the Red Giant [Ambient, Electronic][Thoughtful Noise]

Humankin - Passing the Red Giant [TN08]



An older track (2 years) that was never publicly released.

Feedback, thoughts and comments welcome here or on the SC post page.

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This sounds really great, the atmosphere fits the title so well. Great work!

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Thanks, @sn.ow.y.

The title actually came after the track, so I guess it’s more a testament to my track naming skills. :wink:

It was the first ambient piece I’d tried (though I’ve listened to ambient for years).
I enjoyed making it, but it was hard knowing where to slot it - as I tend to make music across a range of genres.

I’m not sure the humankin name is the right home for it (humankin was originally intended to be for used for non-electronic stuff), but I wanted to get some of the better (imo) older pieces out, but couldn’t face creating another name and a 7th SoundCloud account, so… :man_shrugging:

I’m trying to be more forthright in releasing stuff, so this will go up on Spotify, etc…

(I’ve begun releasing via Level and will probably be bringing over my previous Distrokid releases too.)