Humankin - Loveisnowhere [Electronic] [Thoughtful Noise]

Humankin - Loveisnowhere

© 2020 Thoughtful Noise [TN02]

It’s actually about a year old, but trying to get the more promising ones up and out.

Thoughts and comments welcome here — but also on the SC page. :+1:

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Another logo change! And the song is beautiful!

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Thanks :+1:



Not a change. An addition. :wink:

I was saving this name for one of my other (low-key) styles, but I’ve sat on this track long enough and wanted to get it out, but it didn’t really suit any of the other styles/accounts I’ve already made.

(I’ve got at least four other SC accounts/styles, plus three other as-yet-unnamed styles :exploding_head:
…though I’m thinking of bringing them under the Thoughtful Noise banner.

I use Thoughtful Noise kinda like my own release label.)

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Oh. Then nice style!

I also do LoFi when I take a break from trap.

Serious head groovin. I love the interplay between the bass and percussion especially when the lead takes a back seat.

The overall composition is very well done, takes you along and keeps on jamming

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