How to post your tracks

To ensure your Auxy tracks are visible and easy to browse, here’s some guidelines for posting your Auxy tracks.

How to Post Your Auxy Tracks

  1. Post your completed track in the TRACKS category OR, click here
    One thread per track, EP or album.

  2. Post your work In progress tracks in the WIP category OR, click here
    One thread per track, EP or album.

  3. Threads should be named: [Track_Name] - [Artist]

   eg:   Sonic Passion  - StinkFace

Tracks without a name can be called: “Untitled - By XXXXXX”

Avoid generic titles like:

  • Here’s my latest track
  • Check this out!!!
  • Feedback wanted…
  • Anyone want to collab?
  • New
  • I just made this

Optional tags

You can optionally add tags to the end of your thread title. The standard TAGS are:

[WIP] = Work in Progress. Use this for incomplete tracks or concepts. But we don’t post junk or get too spammy with these.
[Remix] = This track is a remix of another song. Remember to credit the original artist.
[Remixable] = Invite others to remix your track.
[Collab?] = Seeking someone to collaborate on this track [Collab requests go in WIP category)
[Collab] = noting that the track is a completed collaboration.
[Cover] = Cover of someone else’s song.
[Genre] = Genre of music eg: [Trap], [House], [Ambient], etc.
[Project] = Auxy project file is provided within thread.
[Album] = A full album release.
[Spotify] = contains a Spotify link.
Let’s stick to this small group of tags initially, while people get used to the idea.

Examples of good thread titles

Untitled - By StrongAle
Moonbeam - By Muncher [Ambient]
Love Time - By CoCo [Project, House, Remixable]
Bad - By Michael Jackson [Remix By YungPunk]
Untitled - By Pookie [Collab?, Trap, Project]

If you enjoy a track, click the HEART icon under the thread’s first post. This helps identify the most popular tracks and encourages other producers.

Non-Auxy Tracks

You can post these here.


LPs are albums.


@MisterMaster, it’s worth updating the sticky post in the Finished Tracks category, so both instances of this message are bang up-to-date.