How to make track like Don Diablo in Auxy

Hey guys,

Its now 2 years i am using Auxy while working on different sounds and tweaking them I just wonder whether can we make sound like :skull:Don Diablo​:skull: in Auxy. I m trying to make one but not getting a perfect sound for it. Personally i like tracks of Don Diablo and had taken my lot of attention :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: towards making a Future House Music like him

Would love to hear your views If you got some do comment


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I wish

Me too… The transitions are so great to hear in his tracks

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Step 1: probably get a real DAW


Rn I’m not even using auxy…I’ve been spending all my time trying to learn fl studio

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That whats the point is… in daw any one can make as there are tons of tutorials available … But the real challenge is to make in auxy


i m p o r t s a m p l e s

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Hey thanks but can u please help on this …

Honestly it’s not the lack of tutorials that will prevent you…Auxy just simply isn’t powerful enough.

Don’t get me wrong tho, it’s a great app to get started on👍


Ya u are right … But as an beginner Auxy make it easy


Ugh now I want to make a Don Diablo style track in Auxy to prove to yall that Auxy is powerful enough



Good luck :joy:

Can somebody give me an example of one of his tracks?

trust me, auxy isn’t even close to a real daw, however i think someone in the community could probably make a track that kind of sounds like don diablo

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i suggest listening to @Shif7 and @Rk.rodrigo on soundcloud, they make songs that are fairly close to don diablo’s signature style


All the best

Listen to any of his song on youtube

I m on it thats the reason i am looking for some feedbacks

Hey thanks @facade… Sure i will listen to them

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