How to make the boom sound in auxy

Here’s how to make the boom sound in Auxy. Which I use in majority of my music.


Big Shaq: I need some boom
DJ La Rocca: I got you fam


Hahaha. Not that type of boom :wink:


This is more of a sub drop than a boom.

A boom would be like that vine with the nuclear explosion earrape lol

Yeah well I don’t actially know what type of effect it’s called. Idk like an impact?

The effect that you are showing in the video is called a sub drop.

An impact is something that is like a drum/tom drum with a lot of reverb.

Does that makes sense

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Nah I know what an impact is I just didn’t know if that was under the same categories. But that makes sense. I should of called it “how to make a sub drop in auxy” goddamn it

Not to late to change the video name :wink:

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@NEWNAMES Thanks for the feedback!