How to make lofi static

I have been making some lofi
Is there any sounds that can be used to add static that many lofi tracks have


Like vinyl crackles?

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Search ‘free vinyl crackle sample’ on youtube, find one under ten seconds, copy the link, go to, paste the link, open the WAV in Safari, hit the share button, save it to Dropbox, click ‘export’ in Dropbox, click ‘open in’, and then ‘copy to auxy’. (do this all on your phone btw)

That’s what I did in one of my tracks. :smiley:


You could import the sample, or just lower the pitch on a crackly bass like flag or bumble and put a continuous note, but put the volume down, maybe add some automations with the volume.


Reddit to the rescue!

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And, of course, there’s

(Don’t forget to filter results to ‘Creative Commons 0’ (public domain).


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Nah just throw subway in there and see what happens…:wink: haha, jk, I’m not sure how to make vinyl crackles

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I never really understand these kinds of posts…

If it’s about having a certain sound — and that sound is widely and freely available online — , then go get it and import it, e.g. from

If it’s about the challenge of doing it natively, then why ask others how to do it?

(Imo, there is no benefit, honour or value to doing something like this natively, other than the supposed fun of the challenge.)


I was wondering if there was a way to do it with auxy sounds only…
Which there was, and which I used thanks to AnirudhKhanna :+1:

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I was wondering if there was a way to do it with auxy sounds only…

Setting aside whether using native sounds can convincingly simulate vinyl crackle sound (probably not*) or whether it makes sense to use one instrument slot for something that could be done using 1/8th of a drum kit slot using an import…

Why does it matter if it’s native or imported?
(Why is native preferable?)

I’m not trying push or criticise you. I’m just trying to understand.
It just doesn’t seem like an effective way of working to me.

(* Just tried out Anirudh’s suggestion. I didn’t think it was convincing. The ‘clicks’ are too regular compared to a real vinyl crackle sample…


I have not imported anything, and don’t really like the process haha

This weekend I will probably tho

Check out the public domain stuff on

You’ll find it hard not to have ideas which force you to try out importing. :wink:

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I made a tutorial on YouTube about white noise if you want to see it, you can add the crackle with percussion from the organic packs I think. I don’t know if it’ll give you the results you want but it’s worth a try.

The Leviathan selection is your friend, especially the clicks and organic percussion samples. Mix a few of those together with some filtering, and you can get some nice vinyl static affects.

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