How to make images less blurry


I need help, I can’t have my song approved on amuse because it’s “too blurry” first of all do you think it is

second of all, if it is what are some ways I can change it or alternate software


Hmmm…Maybe try to contrast the image itself.So it will be less blurry.


Is the original size 560x560? I think it needs to be 1800x1800. I use the album cover template on, haven’t had a problem yet


I’ll try that


Yeah that’s what I do


is this better?


Yeah much better size and much more interesting to look at!


It needs to be at least 3000x3000 @HELIXX


That isn’t the problem


3000 x 3000!? Whoa! The biggest size cover art I’ve ever made was 2048 x 2048 pxl


When looking for art images I usually Want images “larger than 2MB” bigger is a bonus, but anything at or above that size is good


How much does SoundCloud require?
500 x 500?


I thought it was 1000x1000 recommend. When it displays the art tho, it’s 500x500


The Landr blog has a few good articles on album art.

Most will tell you to design at 72dpi, but if you have any aspirations of a physical release, you’re best to work at 300dpi and scale down when necessary.


Oh. I thought it was just 500 x 500 because it displays it at that size. Why have the larger requirement if not gonna even show it? What do SoundCloud?


Wait nvm. Soundcloud says…


Still weird that they only show it as 500x500


well it’d take up a lot more storage if they had to save full res images and it’d also be weird to bring lower quality images up to scale instead of bringing all of them down to a square 500x500. Having higher quality just guarantees that it’ll look nicer when someone sees ur art ig


Also consider @2x and @3x retina screens.


Yea, all the services are cracking down on the blurry images. I went back & forth with Dist about how they are censoring art by this stupid rule. I wanted the image to be blurry in pixelation for the effect & the Everything else was high res. It’s really cool! I said you can keep denying it & I am going to keep submitting it, because it’s insulting & that is EXACTLY how I want it to look! The solution was to drop ITunes as one of the selected retailers. I hope you & others will do the same & force these art suppressors to conform to us, not the other way around.
Anyways, that’s my 2 cents! Lol GL!