How to make Dubstep growls

What sounds can be used to make dubstep growls
And how would those sounds be tuned


ask @Xiejra he knows what’s up

Really super easy to make. Freak is a half decent Dubstep styled bass yet I don’t recommend using it. The basis of a Dubstep growl is the vical quality, we can simulate this using a highpass automation that goes around 1/4 of the way up. You can experiment on what the curve is like. I also recomend using: Racer, Lobster and cube. Maybe experiment with Lowpass automation aswell. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:



Freak and Blob are the best. (Put blob on full shape)

You can also use Bee

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Awhile back we were chatting about the “worst” Auxy sounds. I decided to jam a bunch together in one track.

Freak yes, blob yes. Much playing with high pass and low pass on Freak will net decent results. There are others of course.

This is an old Auxy v4 track. I did release it but I’ve since taken it down and deleted it so you guys can butcher it to death if ya’d like :slight_smile: anyway just a lil example


How how dare you say that about My baby. I’ll have you know that with both tone and shape all the way up, he is a masterpiece.

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I’d like to speak to whoever called Scarf a bad sound.




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