How to look more professional (imho)

Hey partypeople (tl;dr),

so in terms of growth and followers and whatnot I’ve had lots of private discussions on the topic of a more professional look as an artist.

so I’ve read and researched a little lately, not so much rocket-science tbh, but I wanted to share a few tiny things that may help you improve your game immediately. let’s keep this open for discussion and help each other out with the small, easy to implement stuff. and please please don’t turn this into a weird unnecessary discussions thread :wink:

so here it comes:

  • first thing I already mentioned in another post: to connect the disco with your music, add your soundcloud link to your disco profile. (your profile pic in the upper right corner, then preferences, then profile, than soundcloud link to “website” - takes literally 4 seconds and does a lot)

  • write a proper description for your soundcloud profile. no brainer, I know, still so many of you don’t offer anything at all. it’s not about writing an essay, but about creating a brand that is yourself. so if you’re aiming for a rather coolish mysterious image be simplistic, if you’re upbeat and happy, maybe consider making the brand more personal and share some background about yourself.

  • same thing: add descriptions to your tracks, for others to dive a little in e.g. your creative process, album art fun facts (both what I do mostly), some beatmaking trivia, or whatever works best for you. still: I believe a little more content makes stuff more appealing, as long as its clever and original.

  • invest time into album art and keep up stringency throughout your tracks. also pretty much a no-brainer but still probably the most important thing: your album art is the first touchpoint your listeners will be getting in touch with, so make it appealing, not individually but throughout all of your tracks as well. if your art isn’t really clearly following a theme since you haven’t found that yet, consider restyling all of your tracks, to make your profile look fly. this of course also applies to naming etc.

  • don’t know if a proper logo and a proper headliner picture for soundcloud needs to be mentioned here… :smirk: invest time into your look and feel, ask for feedback or help, but just don’t go with the quick and easy choice

  • tag your tracks within soundcloud, add the correct genre and subgenres, musical terms, auxy of course and even stuff like the bpm as a tag (since apparently some people specifically look for 117bpm tracks for some reason…)

  • repost tracks from others that both match your music taste and own style, which gives you more reach. not my style to be honest, since I like my feed to be clean - but I comment and like stuff I really enjoy listening to, since it just deserves appreciation imo

  • if you fancy a next step, consider going broad and upload a few tracks on youtube (if thats your thing) or push them into stores. I’ve just done that via amuse, which is relatively easy and fast. e.g. Spotify
    you basically just need the tracks in hq uncompressed wav uploaded to dropbox / iCloud / google drive and an album cover / single cover in 1400x1400. boom. worldwide reach.

I’m not yet really growing above the auxy community, since I’m not focusing growth so much at the moment, but if you are, consider finding other forums and share your stuff everywhere (only if it’s good please :stuck_out_tongue: ). But yeah. Im personally not the first person to talk to about that, so maybe some more experienced producers could help out here and share some easy tips?

it reads relatively easy - i know - but still so many don’t even have 2 things really taken care of, that’s why I wanted to share. sharing is caring <3

hope it helps.


All good points. When I first read the title for some reason I thought of looking professional at work lol. I am getting old :cold_sweat:

With that said, wear a suit and tie at an interview. Even if you’re interviewing for another position at the company you work for already, or with people you know. It makes a difference :slight_smile:


If only SoundCloud app wasn’t so limited in function. I’m rarely at my laptop, making all the artwork uploading, settings management, etc a big to do.


Fwiw, speaking as someone who has interviewed people for roles in the creative industry, that could potentially make the wrong kind of difference.

Jus’ sayin’ Suit and tie aren’t right for every role/industry. :+1:


Well, yeah. I just thought of that scene where Will Ferrel and John C Reilly are interviewing in Step Brothers lol…


One other thing I’d suggest is, if you have uploaded to iTunes/Play/Spotify etc, then tell people on the individual tracks on SoundCloud. I randomly searched for your name on iTunes this morning and found Fragment was on there (congratulations, you are now on my work playlist!) but I’d never thought to check prior to that as you didn’t mention it on the SC track.


Yayy - I’m with you at work !
(Said no auxy User ever so far :D)

Good tip man. Will do that right how :ok_hand:t3:


Saw this article recently and thought one recommendation in particular was a very interesting idea…

LANDR Blog: 8 Ways To Actually Get Heard On SoundCloud



Also guys please please please just make a random soundcloud page to repost free sample packs/presets
It makes it harder for people to find your tracks and stuff if you do repost these sample packs and plugins


I’m confused by your post.

You say ‘please please please do X’, then say that ‘X makes it harder to find your tracks’ (which is, presumably, a bad thing).

I’m not sure I agree with this.

I think I’d prefer to share half-done tracks with friends for feedback, and keep my Soundcloud as polished as possible.

If I see people commenting on their own tracks with things like “Not sure about the bass here. Let me know what you think”, my immediate reaction is of an amateur producer who is fishing for compliments and I move on pretty quickly.

My 2¢.


I understand what you’re saying. I’m not sure I’d immediately think ‘fishing for compliments’, rather than openly ‘fishing for feedback’,
(You could make the same accusation about any track posted here, whether it’s marked as WIP or not.)

I agree it will almost certainly highlight that they’re not the ‘finished producer’ yet. So, in respect to ‘looking more professional’, you’re almost certainly right.

That said, if the comments/annotations the owner is adding are more aimed a sharing insights into parts of the track, rather than asking ‘what do you think?’, that would still be interesting without compromising a professional appearance. Imo.

Kinda like how films sometimes have an audio option that has the director talking about the film as it plays.

(Elsewhere in the article, they talk about making active use of private share links. Private share links + the annotation idea above could be a good way to share with a limited audience and get feedback about specific parts.)

I just found the idea interesting, whether it’s used publicly or privately. It won’t appeal to everyone.


I edited it.
Is that better for you?

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Great tips! Thank you for this

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Add stuff make it cool

I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I genuinely wasn’t sure which way your recommendation was pointing. :slight_smile: