How to improve your auxy tracks on FL studio


Today I discovered that you can send your projects to FL Studio (via wav file) into Edison.
Step 1) Render your audio in wav format

Step 2) Send it to a device with FL studio

Step 3) Once in your files open Edison in FL Studio
(Found in top right corner with scissors chopping audio)

continued in part 2.

How to improve your Auxy tracks in Fl studio pt2
How to improve your Auxy tracks in FL studio pt3

Step 4) Click on the text button that says “Click to load sample”


Step 5) Find your file and make sure the area circled is set to this.

Continued in pt 3


Step 6) Press the circled button in the picture.
Sample should appear in the playlist

Step 7) Finally set your tempo/BPS to what it is in Auxy so you can add stuff to your tracks.

In my next post I will explain how to use Fl Studio Audio Visualizer to make videos like Trap Nation or Proximity Radio for your Auxy songs.:sunglasses:


If you export individual instruments from Auxy, you can import the individual .wavs into FL as samples and work with them further there

(I find this method easier)


yeah that’s probably better, but honestly I just put the entire thing in for Audio Visualizer.


You can also… just drag and drop the audio file into the playlist without opening it up in Edison.

Also, thanks @HYDRANS for bringing up exporting individual instruments. A visualizer doesn’t necessarily add to the track, but EQ and plugins do.