How to get my iCloud samples to link up to auxy

I have a new I pad and I’m trying bring my samples into the program and it will show it nd play it when I push it but when I Try to have it uploaded into the actual program is unable to load

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There’s MP3 converter and also audio editor found for free on the App Store where you can copy / paste audio into it and you can then convert it into a WAV form which is needed for auxy samples.

It gives you an opportunity to add your own vocals too :wink:

Lays it out pretty nicely. For wave files gotta be 20 secs or less and have to be 16bit. Will not import 32bit waves, or any other format that I’m aware.

Tools like the above or AudioShare are handy for converting

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Thank you very much I haven’t checked it out yet but the fact that you responded I appreciate that I wanted to make sure and reply and say thanks.

Thank you I actually have AudioShare it’s not a matter of wav’s or anything it just won’t allow me to bring Files that I know work because I did it with my iPhone they just for some reason with my iPad that I just got won’t see them together so I was just wondering if maybe I had a setting offer or on that was keeping it from happening