How to get more views?

So I’ve been on SoundCloud for a while and I’m not sure how to get more views on my songs. Does anybody know how I could?

I guess two things that help the most are followers, and reposts. This place is very helpful in gaining these. Interact with us, the community, and things should start growing a bit.


Thank you!

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You post your awesome editing setup like mine (jk)

Yes this is windows XP


Lol ok

Do you master your songs post production? Or was it a joke?

That was joke on the windows xp, but i do bass boost and transition on audacity sometimes

I was struggling with the same question haha

“Excuse me ma’am, do you have a moment to talk about our latest trap remix?”


Relatable :slight_smile:

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Idea for more views: Join spinnin talent pool. Boomerang got like 200 more plays from it! And even though most people are spam bots, there’s a few that are really nice and willing to help you with feedback!


If you are trying to make a hit song to get you tonnes of views, simply don’t. Views can’t be made (unless you buy them). You just have to make what you like and the fans will come.


I want to live in your world.
It sounds really nice.



The only reason I got most of my followers was midnight ramen. I meant for it to be more of a meme track because I didn’t think it would catch on. What I’m trying to say is that it just kinda happens. Not saying there ain’t ways to accelerate it though (e.g. Discord servers, Reddit posts, etc.)


On top of what blackocean said…

Getting plays and reposts from Soundcloud users/channels with larger follower lists will help organic growth.

Fwiw, there are also promo channels with hoooj followings that you can submit to. Doesn’t guarantee plays, but can’t hurt (unless you get a rep for submitting ‘sub-par’ stuff – keeping in mind you’re competing for attention against some very tight, highly polished productions – often with vocals, so YMMV.)

YouTube examples are Majestic Casual (3.5M), TheSoundYouNeed (4.2), MrSuicideSheep (7.7M), TrapNation (15M), …

Some are genre-specific, so you might improve your chances if you submit to genre-appropriate channels.

Exposure on those kinds of channels can help tracks crossover and even launch careers (e.g.).

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Also, remixing is sometimes a route to exposure – even unofficial/bootleg remixing.
A good remix of a popular track can help get you noticed.

On the back of that exposure, you can release original material, with a greater chance of listeners being receptive to your stuff.


BTC is another good way to get noticed. Keep entering them and eventually you’ll make it into the shortlist. This itself grants you views followers and all that stuff especially if you make it into the top 3. Then you can turn your BTC entry into a full song so that little snippet of goodness turns into a full song of well, goodness. A great example of this is Stratosphere by Otszil. Arguably one of best BTC entries to date, it was originally a BTC entry that made it to the top of the shortlist.


I won’t offer any advice on how to get more views, but here’s something you should definitely NOT do: Anything related to fake views, fake likes, and fake reposts. 1) it doesn’t get you anywhere on SoundCloud, 2) SoundCloud’s automatic fake view recognizer will likely remove the stats and keep an eye on your account for future activity, 3) it’s unethical, and 4) if you pay, it’s a waste of money.


Hey speaking of that… Does anybody know if it’s possible to get fake views without asking for them? Cause one of my songs got like 4700 plays, and I have no idea how. :thinking::joy:


Probably because it’s a great track