How to get dry reverb in auxy!


Grab any sound, let’s use the new pluck parsley for this example. Put reverb all the way up. Pan it to the left, and then put ur right earbud in only. And it will sound dry!

Unfortunately this is not really useful as it can’t be used. However I’d love there to be a dry / wet feature implemented into Auxy in the future


Dry means unaltered signal, wet mean processed signal. You mean 100% wet and 0% dry, right? Or am I the confused one…


I kinda forgot. Anywya u can figure it out urslef when u hear it


There are very few instances where a purely wet signal would be useful, and personally I feel it goes beyond the use cases of Auxy natively. I’d recommend exporting out if you wish to do advanced features like this.

Maybe in the future we could get a pack that features strong reverb that cuts the dry signal, as it would be possible with Auxy’s engine. But right now I don’t see much of a need for it as it would only complicate things.


Nevertheless, it is a cool effect. Thanks @DJ_La_Rocca for showing us


I highly disagree. Having that effect can give great ambience and euphoria.