How to gather an audience that enjoys listening to your music?


So ive been lacking plays and exposure on all platforms lately.(Spotify,soundcloud,youtube…)
I know that gaining a fan base is not something that is going to happen instantly.
But we need to take some steps to reach that goal and i really dont know what the steps are to get constant listeners.
And im sure many people in this community needs help on this cause.

So im asking what are the steps we need to take to grow a fanbase?


One key way is a lot of promotion. Despite everything else, no matter how good your music is if you don’t get it out there it’s not going to get picked up. Networking with other producers is key, along with working with labels to get more traction. Perfecting your craft is important too, but that also comes with networking with other producers to learn from them.

As someone who struggles to do promotion because I enjoy making music more than that side of it, I can safely admit it’s much more important than anyone could reasonably imagine.

@blakkaz could really give some stronger advice on this, as he’s been around a lot longer than any of us here.


If you want to really get your stuff noticed, you’re going to spend 90% of your time promoting your work, and 10% producing. You will need to be engaged, when you post work (I don’t mean you specifically, like you as in us, people) you should provide a little background info on the track, maybe what inspired it, a little story to go with it. People love that. It will help them connect because you want people to resonate with you.

No one gets “noticed” anymore. It’s really up to us to drive our work out there, and that’s why 90% of your time is going to be spent promoting. Some people enjoy it, some people can’t stand it.


Amen to that xD


I see but how am i going to network with other producers? And how am i going to find a label that would be interested to sign me?


Thats right promotion needs loads of work. Well i dont even know how can i promote my work myself. I can only think of giving advertisements to social medias. But im sure there are other ways to promote yourself other than paying for ads. But what are the other ways?


You can’t look at it like just dumping links and stuff all over places. Stuff like the Auxy Collective is good for this. Being engaged here is good. You also have to think outside of the Auxy bubble too though. Twitter is a great place to get work out there and network with great, very talented artists. There are various other collectives and scenes of people who are very supportive. I wouldn’t worry about submitting to a label until you’ve gathered a following, labels by and large are not going to pay for promotion and what not since bedroom producers are a dime a dozen. I don’t mean for this to sound harsh, I’m just being realistic.

It’s going to be a very grass roots effort. I can’t tell you exactly what to do in order to make this happen, it requires a lot of networking, being engaged with other artists and frankly, luck. Just being in the right place at the right time.


I understand ill be sure to be more active in Auxy collective and ill join twitter too. Ive tried dumping links to all over the places. It really doesnt work. Smart marketing is the way to go. Thanks for the advices!

Btw can you tell me some good collective accounts on twitter that you know of?


There’s a nice one run by Jaylyn Snow called “We Produce Music”, she does a nice promo too via a promo account with about 1,000 followers last I saw. The “WPM” discord has some great folks in there, also always seems like there’s remix opportunities which is a good way to help yourself and help others at the same time.

There’s a bunch of awesome internet radio stations on there as well. Search for Radio Dark Tunnel (more industrial, synthwave, darkwave etc but accepting of other electronic genres) and The Runnner (basically anything electronic). Just be sure to present your best work, that’s all. They’re all really cool folks.


Take a look at the Phuture Collective if you want a great place to start networking yourself out. As for labels, try contacting Stereofield and ask about releasing for Frontier to start with. Depending on your style it may make it in. Phuture collective also works with a lot of labels, so that’s another place to start.

If all else fails, is your friend ;3


Ok @icsleepers and @TheRealJFalc thanks for all the advices!


I can’t count how many times I’ve said this on the forum, but it holds true every time. Like everyone else has said, promotion is absolutely paramount when building a fanbase. Nobody’s going to come listen to your music just because it exists. You have to bring it to people. With that said, here are some techniques that I would recommend you employ to grow your audience:

Become active in music production communities
There are so many options for this, from the various Discord servers, to facebook groups, to folks on twitter. Basically any way of meeting other producers and music enthusiasts and get some word of mouth referrals. Make sure to be engaged and get to know the people. Nobody likes someone who just joins and robotically drops their new songs as they make them. If you’re looking for some good options, the top three I’d recommend in no particular order are BONSAI Collective, The Auxy Collective, and Phuture Collective.

Engage in song trades
This ties into the previous suggestion, and is basically where two or more producers agree to mutually promote each other’s tracks, usually through reposts but sometimes through extended means as well. This is one of the most fundamental ways of building an audience for your music. You can find trade groups on Discord most commonly, but there are also some facebook groups for repost trading (unfortunately those are a bit more exclusive and difficult to get into). is also a site that’s dedicated for this exact purpose.

Look for repost chains
A repost chain is a collection of artists and labels that agree to repost each other’s tracks (sort of like song trades but much bigger scale and often hosted on a service such as The size of said chains can vary anywhere from a few hundred followers to millions. This is one of the best ways to get your tracks out to as big of an audience as possible, and with any luck some of those people will like your stuff enough to become more connected to you and check out some of your other work. The Auxy Collective has a repost chain (which is how its able to provide significant follower reach in the thousands for the leaderboard tracks despite the account itself only having a bit over a hundred followers), as well as most label owners either owning or having access to a repost chain.

Release to labels / collectives
Labels and artist collectives are excellent ways for you to get your name out there without doing almost anything at all besides producing the track (the label will often handle distribution and promotion for your track). Pretty much the flagship label for Auxy users is Frontier ( run by @stereofield) so you can consider submitting to that.

Build excitement for your new releases
Be it by social media, discord, or what have you, building hype for your songs before you even release them (sometimes weeks in advance) is incredibly effective. Talk about them in chats, post about them on social media, basically anything that incentivizes people to listen to it when it comes out.

Look for reddit communities to engage with
This is one area I haven’t personally focused on in the past but plan to change that quite soon. The size and reach of big reddit communities is pretty much unparalleled by any social media group / discord server you can find, so a well received song post here has tremendous potential. Weaver Beats (Resurgence label / discord owner) actually just released a new video on this if you’re interested in knowing more.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in pursuing any of the above suggestions, and I’d be happy to either refer you to some repost chains / good music communities / labels to release to.


These are totally amazing advices. Thank you so much for helping me out!

And i would be so glad if you refer me to any of the ones you listed.

I thank you sincerely :smiley:.