How to deal with half bars?

  • Don’t revive topics.

Technically it’s better to revive a topic than make a new post about the same thing. At least according to ICS.

I’ve had to compromise plenty of my musical inspirations because of this, but thankfully other programs don’t have this issue. I’d recommend exporting stems out into an external daw and messing around to try and fit this sort of thing in, as I’ve had some success doing that in the past.


It’s fine to revive an old topic if the person who is doing it has a reason for doing it. That is much preferable to creating the nth thread about something that has been discussed previously :slight_smile:


I agree.

Says the person who told me off for saying I was making more work for ICS by agreeing with his previous statements about this. :\



Be helpful, man.

im sorry to say, but why would you revive a topic just to reply from a comment i made almost 2 years ago? that was me being an absolute dumbass at that time.

I’m sorry. I am not good at the internet. I will go back to my cage now.

it’s alright bro, ive learned from my mistakes, shouldn’t have been rude to you