How to deal with half bars?

I’m currently trying to recreate this song in Auxy (so I can make something of my own out of it):

I’m struggling due to not being able to cut a bar in half. I’ve run into this before. I’ve gotten around this problem before by building the scene an uneven number like 3,5, or 7, but eventually it effs up what I’m trying to do.

Any thoughts? Appreciated.


Your best option is to double the tempo and work through that. You could also introduce a long pause in the render after a half bar and externally edit the render in a program like GarageBand (for those seeking an on-device solution) or audacity to fuze the space together.


Fwiw, there are no half bars in that track.

The bar before the chorus is a double shuffle lasting half a bar, but it’s completed by the second half of a standard bar, so one complete bar.


Ask @NotMiles. He’s the weird time signature master.


Will this help?

Edit: removed an old inside joke in the scene name, it was actually me who made this project


Thanks for the help everybody. Taking all of your advice into account.


Can you give me a how the heck please? I see the tempo is way up, but you’ve got the bars at uneven numbers? I’d love to know you do that.

Just set the scene count to an odd number, and to compensate make sure your scenes extend past that so they don’t loop unexpectedly.

That part I understand, but in Toxic’s file, the loop itself had five bars (and six and seven). Sorry if I’m just confusing the matter.

You aren’t I just looked at the project itself and I literally have no idea how this was done.


16 bar loop

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I would guess that @TC64 has edited the axp file or perhaps has access to a new beta.

Either way, it suggests that’s it all doable in Auxy. They just need to slap a UI on it.


So does this mean we’re getting 16 bar loops finally?

I’m going to bet that it’s older files, and it’s not as if it weren’t possible before if it were designed well (That is an assumption of course, by which I mean that loops could have any x amount and those amounts weren’t hard-coded in but more modular in design. Any good programmer would do this, as not doing it would be too rigid of a design and would decrease usability and bring more maintenance costs to the code). There most likely was a decision to limit the number of loops to even numbers (excluding one) as a UI/UX choice made by Lenberg et al, rather than a coded feature by the team.

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That, right there, would be a serious flag.

I understand they’ve seemingly coded themselves into a corner by not building with future flexibility in mind and seemingly have no appetite for a major rebuild.
This effectively sets a hard limit on Auxy, meaning certain oft-requested features will probably never be added.

Not that they’ll ever admit that.

Short-sighted is the phrase that comes to mind.

Still, whether Auxy lasts or not concerns me less these days. I’ve got one foot out the door already.

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As Lenberg’s already stated, apparently the 4/4 time signature UI/UX is in fact hard-coded in. Why that would be but not the measures is beyond me. Considering the fact that bars are properly modular, it’s more than likely a brief review of the note system would more than certainly be able to accomplish alternate time signatures to a degree, and not the overhaul rewrite they claim. Same goes for tempo automation, frankly.

I for one can understand the idea of limiting the loop lengths to even numbers, since Auxy is primarily centered around traditional Dance/EDM as well as some general electronic music, odd measures would only “confuse” those who pick up the app and don’t know what they are doing. A handicap for beginners.

But, auxy is not for beginners, at least according to what they currently say.

They seemingly want the best of both worlds, but instead they’re only taking the worst parts of each and making into a limited product that could do so much more but is held back.


don’t we already have that??

Nope. Scenes can be up to 32 bars, but the loops themselves are capped at 8 bars.

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you’re right

Thanks God! I found this topic. I was about to start a new thread about this problem and asked for a solution. Actually, I had to compromised to my song a little bit to be able to skip half a bar before the chorus kicks in. I really wish they had a half-bar offset :frowning: