How professional is Auxy?

Hi Fam!

I know many of us have created amazing beats but this question has been bugging me for while and I think it’s time I need your honest answer!

Can Auxy produce industry standard tracks?

Professional people keep doubting my ability in making beats using an iPhone app like Auxy and tell me to start moving to working on a laptop soon. My producer said the quality of the sounds is not good enough. But I have gotten used to working on Auxy and loved it so much.

Please let me know what you think!


Wydm by producer? Do you do vocals and they make beats? If so, i guess i’d be more up to them how they make their beats.

But as for you creating stuff, some of what people around here can make is incredible and can be indistinguishable from something made in a desktop DAW (examples: K-ro, Pistol69, XAVIOR(fka IVO) to name a few). So seeing what those guys can make with the same app as you and I use, I doubt that the quality of auxy and its sounds arent good enough for the professionals.
hecc, even Madeon uses auxy so, i’d say its definately good enough.

Just like any DAW, it just depends on the time and effort you put into it to learn it. You could have someone with $5000 worth of gear get beat out with someone on their bed with some $10 headphones on free software if they know what they’re doing.

So in a very round about way, yes auxy can produce industry standard tracks.


People have made bangers with less…

That said, I think it’s probably a good idea to use something more robust for the final mix and master.
Auxy simply doesn’t have the tools to handle many of the things an engineer might want to do.


What does this really mean? This is vague at best. - Madlib is a professional I suppose, and using an iPad was sufficient. @El1011 tipping off Madeon is a good point. @blakkaz is also right, there’s simply not enough under the hood to give an engineer the control they need.

I think the more important question to ask is how does Auxy (or something like Auxy) fit into my toolbox. I’d say for someone like Junkie XL or Hans Zimmer, no, there’s no need for a tool like this in their possession. Wouldn’t serve much purpose. For someone who travels a lot, maybe needs to come up with quick sketches or perhaps doesn’t need a ton of multi sampled instruments for what they write, then yeah, it’s possibly enough.

Does someone who illustrates in the medium of ink need a charcoal art kit? Do they need acrylic paints and clay and a woodburning tool?

The real question is “Does Auxy fit my needs and am I happy with what I’m getting out of it?” - cause at the end of the day, you’re just putting together wave forms in some kind of order that is nice to listen to.

This is pretty much just horse :poop: :slight_smile: there’s plenty of apps that rival desktop software, and in some cases exceed.

It sometimes feels like the PC master race thing - people need to justify all this money they’ve spent on outboard gear, software, a designated work space, environmental prep, etc etc, and yeah all of these things will help the overall sound, but a pig with lipstick is still a pig.

People have written tremendous stuff on substantially less.


I agree on this point, it’s better that you own an iPhone 11 but you’ve got good photography skills so you know how to take extraordinary photos than you own a Canon 70D without knowing how to use it.

It’s just that I want to make my next album by entirely using Auxy for the production. I guess the question comes down to my skills instead of the app.


I think Auxy is capable of making some seriously professional tracks. When I listen to professional artists’ songs on the radio (I usually end up listening to deep house or some similar stations), I always feel like, “hey, I think somebody could reasonably make that on Auxy to the same level of quality in production as these “professional” tracks. Honestly, I think it’s just a matter of time before everyone in the community keeps getting better and produces better tracks as they push the app, and eventually we will have Auxy producers at the “professional” level. Take a look at reposts on Auxy’s sc page, and you can realize that most of the tracks there are almost at the “professional level” already. More capable mixing could help, but that can also be done in other programs after the track is made in Auxy.


If Auxy was on desktop I think it would be more powerful


First of all:
@HELIXX that completely nullifies the purpose of Auxy as a portable studio app

@shimin if you look at certain genres that people are using Auxy for, there are a myriad of producers that have made successful professional mixes (including me, I believe) and I’m in the process of creating an album solely in Auxy at a “professional” level for my genre, retrowave.


I dont really see auxy actually being of much use as a desktop tool. There really isnt anything i could think of that the auxy interface would work with that i couldn’t already do in something like ableton or even garageband, save for maybe being able to jot down notes really quickly, but i feel that’s better achieved with a touch interface rather than a mouse click.

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If you comb through the artists in this community, I think you’ll find a staggering amount of incredibly produced material. The talent in here is endless, and I think that the material you create is as good as the time you put into creating it.

For me, personally, Auxy has became absolutely vital in my creative process, and is the one and only DAW I use. However, I’ve been wanting to branch out more just for the sake of trying out some new things and seeing what else is out there and, as @iammane said, how they fit into my toolbox.

I think it all ultimately boils down to what you want to create and how you use Auxy to get there.


An important distinction to make here is the difference between sheer capability of an application and the ability for a user to make use of an application to its fullest extent. In the case of most hobbyist producers (and even some that label themselves as “professionals”), there’s often a false equivalence between skill of the producer / quality of the music made and the price / robustness of the daw used to create it.

Were a given producer to master all of the tools and nuances of a professional grade DAW like Ableton / Pro Tools I do think they would have the capacity to create more polished and sophisticated music then even the most advanced Auxy user (music theory and compositional capabilities being assumed equal).

However, it all comes down to time invested to achieve such a level of proficiency and the benefit reaped from doing so, ie the learning curve of a given piece of software. While Auxy is (in my opinion) objectively less capable than even the most basic commercially available desktop daw, I do not believe most of the users in this community have / will end up having the limiting factor to their music production abilities being the capabilities of their tool, be it Auxy or anything else.

Try new things and experiment with new styles, really max out on your tool before you decide you’ve outgrown it. Even if you were to combine it with another piece of mobile / desktop software for a final master, I would find it hard to argue that any piece of software could truly make another one obsolete, as I often hear around here in the case of desktop software rendering Auxy as ineffective / incapable. Speaking solely from a sample set comprised entirely of this community’s producers, I’ve seen almost a direct correlation of decline in production quality with prematurely “moving on” to more advanced software while both lacking the requisite technical skills to make the most of the advanced capabilities it brings and failing to recognize Auxy’s usefulness even as a light tag along in one’s musical toolkit.


Well stated overall and also something I’ve observed as well.


A way that Auxy could “take off” in sales, would be to make a plugin for major DAW’s because I love using Logic Pro X and there are some amazing sounds… But Auxy, you have made my favourite sounds, Auxy is used in nearly all my tracks because the sample quality is so good. If you guys were to make a plugin, I would buy it and so would many people. You could even sell it on the Rent-to-own thing they do on splice.

Just an idea?

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What do you mean by that?

Auxy isn’t the most advanced in terms of features, but the overall experience and sound library are more than good enough to make up for it in my opinion. Look at some of the tracks by producers like Austin Haga, Produk, Bradley Saint James and tell me they aren’t incredibly professional.


I’ve produced a number of tracks that sound great in dj sets and on the radio. And I’m not a great producer. I do export all of my tracks and mix them outside of Auxy for mixing and mastering. I find the interface to be tough for precise mixing, and nothing beats professional, dedicated mastering tools. So I struggle with using Auxy end-to-end, but it’s great for the first 80%.


Hi @corey, thanks for your feedback, which sounds exactly like what I’ve been looking for.

Yes I totally agree with you that it’s better to export the stem of the project and bring it onto a computer DAW for mixing and mastering.

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I’m all for a pc daw. I’ve spent years in FL and knowing the ins and outs speed up work flow vastly more than Auxy. Tweaking each percise sound quickly and having the keyboard with all the shortcuts etc just helps. Auxy to me is still a professional daw, and it can most definitely create some increadible music. No daw or program is perfect, some have their perks, you just have to find what works for you.


One of my few gripes with this process is Auxy does not yet support exporting of each sample on a drum track, so I end up creating lots of single-sound drum tracks. Hopefully they’ll add this soon.

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I agree with you 100% SAME!

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In my opinion Auxy isn’t all too professional. It doesn’t have a good enough capability for vocals for it to be considered professional. To give it a complete set of unique vocals you have to upload it into some other program, which is a hassle. (I’m not sure which program is best for that feel free to let me know). Auxy also is relatively simple compared to FL, Ableton, Audiotool, and several others, which tends to limit how flexible someone can be making music with it. All that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a good studio though. Some amazing stuff has come out of it.