How often do you split songs?

I make songs, then the idea evolves past the original and so I duplicate the project and make the original idea and new one seperate tracks. How often do you guys do this?
Or do you guys just make it into one super long track?


Depends, as long as each idea correlates to each other then i keep them in the same track.

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This is a good idea, but I’ve never done it

I’ve done it once, and that was with and

Once or twice

I do it, but i dont make 2 songs. If i have an idea, i duplicate the project and if it worked out, i delete the other project.

If I have a super good melody but it doesn’t work with what I built around it.

Once, instead of splitting the project I decided to stick it on, and I kept sticking things on and it ended up being 15 minutes long

Deleted that song recently