How often do you release songs?

  • every day
  • 1-2 days
  • 2-7 days
  • every week
  • 7-14 days
  • every 2 weeks
  • every month
  • Kayasho

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No hate, @Kayasho


I don’t really make songs, but I do give ideas and inspiration to songs almost every week.


You should try to make full releases. Just try.


I dont think you should make content too often because then at some point it gets boring.


Mine is somewhat random. I’ll release full albums and three singles and then not release for weeks


I have hella songs that are like 60-90% done. But I rarely finish them & release in general.



@SpaghettiSauce are you a students?

i’m office worker.
When I start working from morning till evening every day at company, I’m very tired. Like your parents.

If you graduate from the school days, you will know that the company is busy.

I want to return to school days.

(i’m not angry.:kissing_closed_eyes:)


I don’t release them but I make them every day


You should really release :upside_down_face:

“Proof I make Music” is pretty cool


I used to release whenever I finished, which was either between 2 days to two weeks. Now i’m keeping myself to making sure I post weekly, or 6 days if I can’t wait until Sunday


Whyyyy?? Your “Proof I make music” was rly goood!


A unit called Kayasho was born :joy::joy:

My problem from this year is to frequently release new songs.

i’ll do my best.


Good luck. I’m about to graduate from college this year. I hopefully will be able to make time for music xD


Boy can I relate to this lol. Then I get home and there are two insane little kids running around…


everyone have different problems…:sob:

enjoy your time with your kids!!:+1:


Who’s Kayasho?


About every two weeks I was, but that’s because I had finally gotten my head around Auxy and the workflow but now, I’m planning on taking a more calculated approach to things. I was just excited to chew through what was available but I’ve got some new ideas popping around the old noggin and I suspect it’s going to be more like monthly+ now.



I’m famous cuz I’m slow to make songs in the world.


I’m slow too!


AHAHAHAHAH :joy::joy: kayasho :joy: