How Many Projects Do You Have?

Even though it’s an ever-changing number, it’s still really cool to see the exact number, right?

I have 380 right now… going to delete some later, but yeah…

I have like 4


Had a massive cleanup and I’m at 26

Feels goodnight having less cluster :slight_smile:

Have to keep deleting to save space. Lots of unfinished stuff


in beta


in normal auxy

Probably close to 3,000.


I have around twenty. (Im organized lol)

Around 50

Projects take up very little space so there shouldn’t be any need for deleting them unless you have a lot of renders saved. Now you can access all renders in one list and delete them to free up space though, without having to delete the projects.

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The reason I have to delete some is that I usuallymade multiple versions of a project, so I could always go back and see what the song was originally like. But now, I have the multiple versions built inapp.

I swear I have over hundreds of projects, most from the Disco Community I downloaded, some from unused/possible ideas, and the rest are songs I’m actually making/made

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exactly 100


Deleted a lot of renders. Thanks!

I have too many than I want to count


i have 7 projects right now rip

400 something :sweat_smile:


About 425.

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Explain this to me.

Auxy on my iPad 4 (outdated) takes up 0.4 GB
I need space on it, but I have some good projects and even though it doesn’t have the modern Auxy features, it’s still usable.

But if you look at my iPhone 6…
That’s a completely different story!

Well damned 3 prjects now… god dammit…