How has Auxy changed you?


Same with me


it gave me a fun side project to work on when i’m bored with using ableton


why did this make me laugh


I know, right!? When I started, I made useless one bar melodies and chords with bass instruments.
One of my friends started to use auxy a few weeks ago, and he said he was working on a song. I asked him what genre he was going for, and he said “headache.”


well I mean

cough chrome cough


I postulate that 50% of AuxyNation is neglecting homework as they compose on the app or browse the forums.

including me


That is legitimately what I’m doing right now, except I just finished my homework


Now I’m capable of sharing my emotions and feelings to anyone in the form of music and all the credit goes to Auxy and it’s developers @lenberg and @fredrik for such an amazing app.
Auxy has true potential to become best DAW on iOS and App is stepping higher and higher in the right direction.

I don’t like iOS and it’s Closed Source Environment at all
Even then I bought iPhone and this year iPad only to use Auxy and I swear it’s 100% true that the priority was Auxy when buying iOS Devices.

:point_up:t4:One More Fact,
I have all the stable Auxy App version’s copy starting from version 1.1 to v5.3.0


Hours and hours of time I’ll never get back…

Among other things :joy:


Something to keep my mind off the real life stress.

Even though the demo version limits my potential, it still fun to use; plus it’s better to share what you can do within a community and beyond, rather than by your and sharing among your friends…

Went all inspirational for some reason. :laughing:


I guess it added the fourth dock icon to my phone…idk


I can literally make beats everywhere now. Also helped me pass time during the bunking hours in college. :stuck_out_tongue:


I spend too much time lying on my bed now.


Auxy made me realize my passion for music production—I didn’t even know that it existed!!!