How has Auxy changed you?


Same with me



it gave me a fun side project to work on when i’m bored with using ableton

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why did this make me laugh

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I know, right!? When I started, I made useless one bar melodies and chords with bass instruments.
One of my friends started to use auxy a few weeks ago, and he said he was working on a song. I asked him what genre he was going for, and he said “headache.”

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well I mean

cough chrome cough



I postulate that 50% of AuxyNation is neglecting homework as they compose on the app or browse the forums.

including me



That is legitimately what I’m doing right now, except I just finished my homework

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Now I’m capable of sharing my emotions and feelings to anyone in the form of music and all the credit goes to Auxy and it’s developers @lenberg and @fredrik for such an amazing app.
Auxy has true potential to become best DAW on iOS and App is stepping higher and higher in the right direction.

I don’t like iOS and it’s Closed Source Environment at all
Even then I bought iPhone and this year iPad only to use Auxy and I swear it’s 100% true that the priority was Auxy when buying iOS Devices.

:point_up:t4:One More Fact,
I have all the stable Auxy App version’s copy starting from version 1.1 to v5.3.0



Hours and hours of time I’ll never get back…

Among other things :joy:

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Something to keep my mind off the real life stress.

Even though the demo version limits my potential, it still fun to use; plus it’s better to share what you can do within a community and beyond, rather than by your and sharing among your friends…

Went all inspirational for some reason. :laughing:



I guess it added the fourth dock icon to my phone…idk

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I can literally make beats everywhere now. Also helped me pass time during the bunking hours in college. :stuck_out_tongue:



I spend too much time lying on my bed now.



Auxy made me realize my passion for music production—I didn’t even know that it existed!!!

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I hate it too but there’s no incapable players unlike us, the percussionists



I was interested in electronic music ever since I turned nine. I used to love the old Marshmello and Alan Walker, and then I backed away from that and listened to trap a lot when I was ten. Then I found MusicMakerJam, a mixing software where you could mix loops and post it to the community. This was my first baby step. I slowly digressed from the app and found Auxy. At first, I was pretty garbage, but after practicing and sitting down in front of this app for long periods of time. It took me about two years to find out what my style/styles were (about like a few months ago). I fell in love with making Wonky, Drum and Bass, and various types of House. And here I am now :P. If it weren’t for this app, I would not have been so engrossed in music, and it taught me a lot from automations and chord progressions. I’m now starting to learn piano and hopefully I can learn more about music and notes that I put into my work and imply that into my songs.



I was into EDM and Future Bass before, then I slowly grew to enjoy Hip Hop as well. I thought the beats and the vibes the songs send were something worth making and sharing, and I needed a program on my iPad to create them. Auxy made all of this possible. I did and still do make other genres of electronic music because of this app, but I feel that Auxy opened the doors to the Hip Hop genre as well. And that’s what I’m focusing on now.



iPad gang