How has Auxy changed you?


I don’t really like band either, it’s just I can’t quit yet. We have so many incapable players.


Auxy brings my creativity back! :sweat_smile: I used to make all my music in different DAWs, but it took away all my time, and it was really hard to handle all these plugins. :dizzy_face:

Actually, I was amazed by the quality of Auxy sounds and ease of use. When I opened Auxy for the first, I thought, ‘ok, let’s try…’ :thinking: and then I find myself in the morning, spending about 8 hours non-stop while making an entire track :see_no_evil:

And community! :muscle: I’ve never seen such a grateful and inspired community for other daws, only endless battles like ‘what plugin is the best?’ :lying_face:


I don’t have to steal memes to be cool anymore :sunglasses:


remember what @lenberg said about how terrible i am making beats in the past? now, auxy changed my skills from whack to lit in a minute,

t h a n k
y o u
s o
m u c h
a u x y
f o r
d o i n g
t h i s
t o
m e
. . .

no but… auxy changed me by allowing to produce creative beats with the new automations and features, the sounds definitely was a huge impact on how i would layout/plan my music. am forever grateful.


I spend way too much time on this forum now…


Now I never have to think “oh yeah I can’t do this in garageband”


:wink: :wink:


Auxy has allowed me the chance to fulfill my dreams


Well auxy provided me with opportunities to work with people on a collective dream to grow as producers. To strive to be one of those signed Producers who play shows in clubs for the fun of it. Cuz hell, if that ain’t a dream as a producer I don’t know what you’re trying to do. It may not be the program I bring with me through my entire musical career but I’ll definitely remember it as the turning point to productivity and focus on a hobby turned career, And I’ll continue to strive as many here will, too!


made me think I’m sh*t lol

on a different note, it’s changed my attitude towards music forever. I’ll never be the same. For all my life until now I’ve been a music consumer, with none of the right tools to create something. I now can stop the fantasy and dream and get on with creating something really good for everyone to listen to!


Before using Auxy I briefly made a couple of tunes in Reason, now I understand a bit of music theory and my music sounds a whole lot better. I also now listen to other genres that I wouldn’t have before.


Attaboy :slight_smile: reason-icon-32

Curious why the switch? Portability? Ease of use? Application imposed limits? (which in my experience helps with creativity)


I always wanted to produce dnb so I downloaded a cracked version of Reason after watching various dnb tutorial videos on YouTube. Here are the 2 tunes I made in Reason
Both terrible, after months of frustration and my laptop dying I decided to give up trying to produce. Then I discovered Auxy and the rest is history.


I felt the same way!!


application imposed limits helps me too! just like with photoshoots, I need limited options or indecisive me will go wild with ideas and not get as many great photos taken


Auxy now is my life


Ah these aren’t bad - the second one especially. That said I think your newer stuff is awesome too, which is pretty impressive considering there is a monumental difference between Auxy and Reason.

Laptop dying is another great reason (no pun intended) to move on to something else lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Truly touching :cry:


Revived thread eh


Actually.Depends on what the situation is.I mean like: something might change your music taste,switch to other music genres or it just changes your life.Actually Auxy gave me a good start for producing music :grin: