How has Auxy changed you?


It’s like books. If you want to read it, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. My same philosophy with music.


I became a goose


I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was very little, and I’ve been surrounded by it my whole life. I played drums many years ago and my mother played piano. This has had a lasting influence on my musical taste and style.
For a long time I had been searching for a platform through which I could easily make tunes that I would create in my head, whether at school, work, or home.
When I finally found Auxy, it seriously felt like a gift just for me. It had and did everything I needed to quickly compose the melodies stuck in my head. The app has evolved tremendously, allowing me to expand my creative potential with music production and really start making a name for myself.
And being a part of the team has impacted me a lot as well. I have such a love for talking with people, brainstorming ideas, solving problems, and contributing as much as I can to make something better. The Auxy developers gave me that opportunity in the early stages of the Music Studio and that has changed my life. I feel a part of something greater. It’s been one of the greatest opportunity of my life thus far.
Although music might not be my primary path in life, it has allowed me to express myself in ways my main art, photography, cannot. I can invoke feeling, what I’m feeling, through the lyrics and melodies I write, and attract many people as well to my darker side. I convey my thoughts and emotions through my music, a platform previously unavailable to me unless I wanted to spend a fortune or learn every instrument.
Music is and always has been in me. Auxy has elicited that from me and has shown me so much support throughout my journey. And for that, I am grateful.


Lol my parents are pretty awkward about It.


Not when you make music instead of doing your chores😉


The way I work with music changed completely, in multiple ways. There’s a community, lots of users, and lots of good tracks that I gather inspiration from. I probably listen to 20 or 30 Auxy tracks a day if not more. Without that I wouldn’t be inspired at all, and inspiration is the reason my music is a lot better than it was 6 months ago.


For me I just don’t have access to any computer without their password that I don’t know. So I have to do the homework and stuff first :joy:


Actually, my parents really don’t like electronic music.


oh :open_mouth:


I can finally feel like many mainstream EDM producers.

also wake up


actually same here too…


Actually Auxy has changed my entire life. First i was addicted to video games but now i’m addicted to auxy and i rarely play video games


Same, except now I’m equally addicted to both, lol


yeah my parents think my music is really cool. they got me into guitar 10 years ago, they thought that was cool then when i started auxy they thought that was really cool.


same dude. same.
i fell ya.


Same except I don’t play clarinet.






I used to
but I hated band

and auxy is better so


I have no background to music production other than singing or whistling while doing chores, drumming beats with whatever is in my hand, and beatboxing while bored.