How has Auxy changed you?

The app really has changed how I view music. It turned it from a class into an art form for me and really helped me to express ideas that needed expressing. It acts as a very convenient creative outlet for me, and has really helped me get my ideas out there. It is also nice to get feedback on your creative ideas, so you can keep improving your work. So I ask the question -

How has Auxy changed you?


My entire life I’ve loved writing music. But I had trouble getting my music written the way I wanted it to sound. For years I tried to play instruments but I wasn’t good enough. Nothing sounded good like I wanted it to.

Auxy has truly changed my ability to write tracks. I started off randomly just kinda placing notes and dancing to it (even though looking back they don’t sound great). I didn’t really like synths yet but Auxy made me discover all these cool genres of electronic music. I can truly be proud of what I’ve created.


Before Auxy, I never knew how to compose. When I first saw it being used by a friend at literally 11:30 at night in the dorm room, which was the original Creator Studio app, I immediately downloaded it and just messed around with it and thought it was cool. I threw notes all around and well it didn’t sound good even though I thought it sounded cool. Later that semester we started doing a composition assignment in Harmony II, a four part harmony. By that time I had all but forgotten about auxy, but I still beta tested it, and I am sure it was the reason I was so interested in trying and creating music in the first place.

Fast forward a year or so and my friend is trying to create something and needed some music. I offered to make some music. I originally just used my traditional notation software, but I soon (and rather painfully) found its limits. I turned to Auxy, which I had used sparingly after beta testing it as I was busy with classes. I created a few songs and sent them over, and that was it. However, I kept experimenting with Auxy. It was weird, I couldn’t put the program down. I ended up entering the 8th BTC out of curiosity and ever since I’ve been using it almost every day. I don’t often use my traditional composing software anymore but I do whenever I need some instruments that are not in Auxy (basically everything but piano) as well as for tempo changes and time signatures.

When i first started using Auxy, even in the time where I entered the 8th BTC challenge I tended to enter notes randomly, making sure the chords worked at the very least, but now I’m noticing more so how the automation can impact the sound, which is proving to be so much more important than the notes themselves.

I’m excited for what Auxy holds in the future for me now that I’m starting to understand all these different genres of music, and it’s something I’ll be excited to experiment when more options become available ^w^


I no longer suck at making music, so there’s that


Auxy gave me a dream.


These two ^^

(edit 17.7.2018) well I still kinda suck but nvm


When I first thought of music, I thought of screeching oboes and cringy euphoniums. Now, thanks to Auxy, I think amazing art that I definitely want to pursue in. :wink:


Auxy gave me something positive to do! It all started when a buddy of mine showed me the Music Creation app, then everything went up from there!


I was pretty bored with my life. Same old same old. Wake up, school, hang out with friends, go home. Maybe a little bit of sports. I was really looking for a hobby or something I can get into to keep me occupied when I’m not with friends or at school. Auxy was an app that I used to use, but I never used it very well and always made like 10 second snippets of trash “songs”. I never realized the full potential until I redownloaded it one day and discovered he community hiding behind it. I realized that this app is so much more than a little sound game, but a studio in a pocket.

Now I actually have something to do when I’m not doing my priorities. I have a hobby that gives me a dream to look up to. I may never make it as a producer in life, but if I did, I can give a huge thanks to Auxy and every single person of the community.


Auxy is a form of relaxation for me. Something I enjoy doing in bed. I love that moment when a general doodle starts evolving into something.

And with SoundCloud and this forum, it’s a community. I love seeing what everyone’s producing; especially those who create new and different sounding tracks.


My parents have another reason to get mad at me for not doing my homework :joy::joy::joy:


HAHAHA! Same!:joy::joy:


just to let you know, auxy changed me hard.


I thought parents loved when kids got into music?


They do, but not if you haven’t finished your homework first. You see, I’m a procrastinator. :laughing:


I came with no music experience and that is no more.


Auxy is the first app on my iPhone I actually bought stuff for; the soundpacks are the only thing in the app store worth paying for. :smiley:


Before Auxy, my workflow was very slow because I would always be battling with the mix, but with Auxy’s great sound and easy automation (which is usually a pain in the ass), I’m able to focus on the music and achieve the sounds I want MUCH more quickly which has led to a far greater confidence in my music making abilities. I would also spend inordinate amounts of time designing sounds, and then have no energy left for actually composing with them. Thankfully the sonic palette of Auxy happened to be extremely close to what I typically want anyway, so …more time saved, more music made.

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a lot

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It’s like books. If you want to read it, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. My same philosophy with music.